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Top Action Movies in Recent Years

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where great action movies began: some might argue the adventurous Indiana Jones series could be the first iteration of the genre, while others might point to Die Hard or The Terminator. More recently, with great releases like Mission Impossible: Fallout and the David Guillod produced Atomic Blonde, action movies have seen a bit of […]

Child Identity Theft, The Fastest Growing US Crime

Disclosure: The following is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Identron. Child Identity Theft,  The Fastest Growing US Crime* No time for that!!! Think of one of your typical days as a parent. Wake up in the AM. Get the kids ready for school. Pack lunches. Get yourself ready for whatever the day brings. Go to […]

Guide to the Best Kitchen Materials

So you want to sell your current home and buy the home of your dreams, but you’ve maxed out everything and honestly, don’t have the best credit due to filing for bankruptcy.  Not to worry, thanks to federal bankruptcy exemptions, everything will be fine. In the meantime, you can always remodel what you currently have […]