Yoplait Greek 100 vs Chobani Greek 100 #TasteOff

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Yoplait vs Chobani

Are you a fan of Greek yogurt?  Generally speaking, before I became very sick this year from surgical complications, I was not.  That was only because I had not yet tried any brand of Greek yogurt yet.  However, it became necessary for my well-being and actually medically necessary to get my protein level up that I had to eat some sort of protein – and A LOT of it to be exact!  Per my medical team (who are not giving medical advice to anyone reading this, nor trying to influence anyone), Chobani was actually recommended.  So naturally, I went with that because I wanted to get better and heal as quickly as possible.

Never having tried another brand of Greek yogurt, I was looking forward to this taste off between Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry yogurt and Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry yogurt.  How would they stack up against each other?  Would I ditch my “beloved” Chobani for the potential new love in my life?   Before I go into specifics, I can tell you that I do like both.  I would purchase and eat both time & time again.  There are things I enjoy about both and things I don’t particularly care for about both.

When it comes to Yoplait, I was pleased to see the amount of fruit in the cup.  I also enjoyed how much sweeter it was than Chobani.  But even with that, I could not finish an entire cup of the Yoplait because it was almost too sweet.  That could very well just be a personal preference.  If you need the extra sweetness to get something healthy down the hatch, then by all means, Yoplait is (probably) the one for you.  What did I think of Chobani when compared to Yoplait?  Chobani is much thicker – which I like because then it is not running off your spoon! It’s also much less pink even after stirring the fruit throughout it.  It honestly has a touch of bitterness to it.  I don’t mind that because I know it’s a healthy, Greek yogurt and there’s only natural ingredients in it.

Here are some fun facts about Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt:

– 100 calories
– Available in 12 flavors
– 5.3 ounces of yogurt in each cup
– Available Nationally
– To find Yoplait Greek 100 nearest you, please use the product locator found on the Yoplait website

Available in Twelve Flavors
– Strawberry
– Blueberry
– Black Cherry
– Strawberry Banana
– Vanilla
– Peach
– Key Lime
– Lemon
– Mixed Fruit
– Tropical
– Apple Pie
– Strawberry Cheesecake

Which one will you prefer?  Who will you get to participate in your taste off? Once you try both of them out, come back and let me know which one was your favorite!!


  1. I really loved Chobani compared to Yoplait. I like that even if you chose one over the other they are still really good for it. I couldn’t get over the taste of the strawberry in Yoplait though and loved the thickness of Chobani.
    Ashleigh Walls recently posted..I took the Yoplait Taste-Off ChallengeMy Profile

  2. I really liked Chobani until I got to the fruit..it just didn’t taste right. Yoplait won in my house because it just tasted better overall (to us anyways!)..but Yoplait did not taste like Greek Yogurt at all. We love plain Greek Yogurt 🙂

    Annie recently posted..Taste Test: Yoplait Greek 100 vs Chobani Simply 100 (strawberry)My Profile

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