Ways To Save Money Shopping Online

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Ways to save money shopping onlineGet It Here

I love anytime I can save money shopping. Especially from the privacy of my own home! I’m sure I am not alone. Sometimes we miss savings though. That will soon be a thing of the past for you! Have you heard of Paribus? It’s an app that will compare prices after you’ve done your shopping to check if you could have gotten a better deal on what you purchased. If so, they get you a refund for the difference!


Healthy meals at homeGet It Here

As a busy mom and wife who is trying to get many aspects of her life on track, I can appreciate services that make my life easier while offering better choices for me to eat. Home Chef is offering first time buyers a $30 discount when you use the code: SHOPSHARE. It will not expire, and the only restriction is that you MUST buy at least 2 meals in order to use the code.


filtered waterGet It Here

As I mentioned above, being a busy mom and wife, I can appreciate things that make my life easier. One thing that helps me feel good is drinking more water. It’s something I’ve always struggled with but definitely feel better when I have stayed hydrated. These awesome filtered water dispensers make things easier for anyone like me.


Free credit report cardGet It Here

It’s that time of year when many people are getting their tax refunds and paying off bills, or maybe just cleaning up their credit due to it being a ‘new year, new them’. Make sure you stay on top of your credit and see what might be holding you back. Do you even know what’s on your credit report? Get a free membership now!


Dress your shapeGet It Here

One thing I was not born with is a true fashion sense. I think I do pretty good considering clothes and fashion are not my “thing”. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to look and feel nice. One way to always be on your style game is to wear clothing that fits and flatters your body type or shape. Right now, you can check things out at a discount using code: SHOPSHARE130 It will bring your total down to $69. That’s a savings of $130…!!


travelGet It Here

As I mentioned above, many people are getting their tax refunds back. What better time than now to plan some spring break fun! You can book vacation rentals, a rental car, hotels, airfare and more! Where do you want to go?


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