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As a young girl, I remember taking field trips to local museums to learn different things that coincided with lessons in school.  As an adult, I’d only been to a beautiful and somewhat modern museum in Arkansas.  But none can compare to The Walt Disney Family Museum that I was able to visit at the beginning of October.  The museum is located in the Presidio area of San Francisco and it’s almost like a hidden gem.  The building was a beautiful brick structure, but once you’re inside, many fantastic and historical memories await you.


One of the first things I remember upon walking in, is seeing the furniture from the Disneyland apartment set up.  The amazement of being able to be there in person with it and the condition of it as well.

WD Furniture

From the beginning of Walt’s career and family, all the way to his demise that left many very saddened and in shock, the museum really gives you quite the insight to his entire life.


One of my favorite exhibits was the bench where Walt Disney would sit and watch his own daughters. As a parent, you know how that feels to just sit back and watch your children have the time of their lives on whatever may be fascinating them at the time!


As if narrowing down the most exciting things in the museum is easy, I guess I’d say that the small scale Disneyland was one of the best.  While it is a lot to look at in that good way, it’s just so fun to put it simply.  If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, then you can feel it even more!

Small Scale Disneyland

Although sad, one of the more moving and interesting parts of the museum, for me anyway, was where it showed people’s reactions, drawings and emotions upon learning of Walt’s death in 1966.

WED Wall

There were even drawings or news features of art from around the world to show how it affected everyone, everywhere.

Walts Death Collage


If you ever find yourself in San Francisco, I highly encourage you to make time to visit The Walt Disney Family Museum.  I think everyone needs to allow themselves time to get lost in the magic that is Disney every once in awhile.

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Please enjoy the following pictures, but realize there’s so much more out there…in the museum and the world…for you to explore!  I don’t want to show you everything The Walt Disney Family Museum has to offer! 🙂


Animator's Desk

Animator’s Desk

Disney Folly Hollywood Tricycle

The view of the Golden Gate Bridge was one of my absolute favorite things to see on the outside of the museum.  Such a spectacular view from the museum windows.


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