Top Action Movies in Recent Years

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It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where great action movies began: some might argue the adventurous Indiana Jones series could be the first iteration of the genre, while others might point to Die Hard or The Terminator. More recently, with great releases like Mission Impossible: Fallout and the David Guillod produced Atomic Blonde, action movies have seen a bit of a renaissance. Below are some of the best releases in recent years. 

Mad Max: Fury Road

This 2015 blockbuster roared onto the scene to massive success. The film was a crossover hit with action fans and prestige film viewers alike as it accomplished what very few genre films can: securing ten Academy Award nominationsMad Max: Fury Road ultimately walked away with six of those Oscars and continues to be remembered for its stellar cast, resonant themes, intricate production design, and engaging direction. The movie didn’t just reinvigorate a series from decades past — it helped it evolve into a completely new creation. 

Triple Frontier

This Netflix original featured a stacked cast: led by Oscar Isaac and supported by Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund and Pedro Pascal, Triple Frontier proved to be a solid entry into modern action films. The aforementioned five main players tell the story of increasingly desperate ex-military friends reuniting for one final mission. The movie ultimately tells an intimate story of friendship, trauma, post-traumatic stress and greed. 

Baby Driver

Critics and audiences alike were pleasantly surprised by 2017’s Baby Driver. The story of a near-deaf getaway driver that only goes by Baby (played by Ansel Elgort) carved its own niche through expert camerawork and direction from Edgar Wright alongside critical music supervision that takes the action to another level. Wright himself had a hand in selecting the music that plays throughout the film — the result is a track list that feels almost as integral to the plot as any of the characters and dialogue. Baby Driver was rewarded with three Academy Award nominations that year. 


While it could be argued that Hugh Jackman’s emotional sendoff to the character that made him famous is more of a superhero film, Logan, a fierce goodbye to Wolverine, feels more like a deeply melancholy action film. From the cinematography to the sparse script, Logan is incredibly grounded. The brutal action sequences even earned the film the rare “R” rating, furthering the feeling that this installment is separate from the pack. Not only is Logan considered to include one of Hugh Jackman’s very best performances, it is also remembered as one of the best action films in recent years. 

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