Tips for Planning a Minecraft Birthday Party

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Minecraft is a global phenomenon!  Loved by young and old alike, it makes a perfect birthday party theme.  If you are looking for tips for planning a budget-friendly Minecraft birthday party, you’ll love these ideas put together by Jennifer Carver of Spaceships and Laser Beams. Constructing a creative Minecraft themed celebration with festive decorations and treats without breaking the bank is totally possible!


If you’ve ever played or observed a game of Minecraft, you are familiar with the block-like, pixelated feel.  Everything is made from squares.  You’ve also probably noticed an overriding color palette of green, black and earthen tones.  The game is full of natural resources. Capitalizing on this simple look makes transforming your chosen party space into a Minecraft world easy.


The best way to save money is to not spend it in the first place!  Shopping at home and using items you already own is an amazing way to save. Look for square items, as well as green, black and earth colored goods that you may be able to incorporate into the party décor.  Ideas for square items include square serving dishes, plates, platters, trays or boxes.  Earthy items may include plants and other greenery, faux grass, soil, scrap wood, rocks from your garden, planter boxes, terra cotta pots and simple glass vessels.  Other things that could be used to bring in that Minecraft feel include scraps of fabric in the appropriate colors, baskets and rustic looking crates.


Second, take a trip to your local dollar store to purchase any remaining necessary products.  While licensed products do exist, you may be able to save yourself money by making your own. Paper goods and utensils can be picked up inexpensively.  Square green plates can get a “Creeper” makeover with black felt pens or a construction paper face.  Green and black balloons add to the look, especially if they are embellished. Extend this idea to green favor bags.  A few simple hand drawn details can transform an ordinary green bag into an awesome Creeper bag.


Next, use up some of your black and green construction paper or cardstock scraps to create your own birthday banner.  Minecraft inspired fonts can be downloaded from the internet and added to each pennant to spell out the guest of honor’s name or a special greeting of your choice.


You’ve heard the phrase, “If you build it, they will come.”  Put a little effort into constructing a creative refreshment table.  Use a black or green tablecloth to set the stage.  If you happen to have some Astro turf laying around, this would make an awesome table cover or runner.


You can easily transform everyday snacks and treats into munchies totally in line with the Minecraft theme.  Choose some of your favorite candies and snacks to mimic natural resources from the video game.  Unwrapped mini chocolate bars look like bricks.  Chocolate covered raisins look like rocks.  Pretzel rods are an obvious choice for sticks.  The sky is the limit!  Just add food labels with the creative new names for instant recognition.    Of course, other traditional refreshments can get easy Minecraft makeovers as well.  Thinking back to the square look, create block shaped cheese and cracker trays, sandwiches and cookies.  You can do this by hand cutting square shapes or using a square shaped cookie cutter.


Get twice the bang for your buck by creating a craft activity that will both entertain and also serve as a take home favor.  Recycled foam and cardboard and a few basic craft supplies can be used to create awesome pick axes or character masks.  After the crafting is done, let guests play with their creations and take them home at the end of the party.


As you can see, there are many possibilities for planning a budget-friendly Minecraft birthday party!  Combine your creativity, inspiration from the game, and my tips to plan a party everyone will love.


  1. All such good ideas to have a great party that I know kids would love! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty

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