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For as long as I can remember, I’ve known that Talk Like a Pirate Day falls on the 19th of September.  Before I had children didn’t mean it was any less fun to celebrate.  Sometimes co-workers and I would even, well, talk like a pirate!  You’ve just gotta make life fun, right?!

Fast forward to now and I’ve got two young children who love to use every little bit of imagination they’ve got!  From any ol’ regular day of the week to a fun theme like Talk Like a Pirate Day, they enjoy every aspect.

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Before I share some fun activities, games and recipes, I’d like to share with you the conversation I had with David Engel, longtime family entertainer based out of New York.  He is currently celebrating 25 YEARS of entertaining and educating children from America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.  He shares his plethora of off-beat characters at places like theaters, festivals, libraries, schools, birthdays and even corporate events nationwide at his 250 annual performances.

Pirate School! is a solo comedy show David created which allows kids to live out their dreams of high-seas adventure!  You may have heard of David as “Billy Bones”.  His successful Pirate School! has even been featured in New York Magazine’s “Best of NY: Kids!”.

David’s enthusiastic greeting on the phone to me really set the tone for the quick, yet extremely enjoyable and humorous phone call interview.  I wondered, what exactly are children taught at Pirate School!?  Well, of course they’re taught how to be a pirate!  Things like etiquette lessons, living the swashbuckling dream of how to look, talk and walk like a pirate!

David also told me that the most important and popular parts of  his Pirate School! are to engage in an imaginative steam battle, as well as laughing their ‘booty’ off.  See what he did there?? 😉

David’s (aka Billy Bones) favorite thing to do on Talk Like a Pirate Day is none other than to share the ways of pirate life!

During Pirate School! the bumbling professor Billy Bones teaches youngsters how to be good pirates with zany lessons on how to stand, talk, sing and laugh like Buccaneers; cannons boom, skulls talk, cutlasses drop and pets run amok.

Pirate School! aims to satisfy children’s universal curiosity about the briny Buccaneers of Yore, but we also want children to thrive in real school as well. Pirate School! also offers two Arts in Education student matinees on STEM curricula and Character Education/Anti-Bully themes, promoting science curiosity and social courage to curious corsairs across America.

What will you do to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day? Enjoy some Pirate’s Booty? It is so delicious! A great snack for the whole family to share together.  Use some pirate lingo??

Original Earl of Sandwiches Sandwich!
The Earl was a real Sea Captain. Ledged has it that, instead of eating a big meal in his Great Cabin below, he preferred to stay up on deck to eat while watching his crew and the weather. He ordered the normal courses of meat, salad and cheese to be combined into one, handheld item and the Sandwich was born! Kids may assemble their own Earl of Sandwich with Cheese and side of Pirate’s Booty, ham, tomato, etc.

Games and Activities

Obstacle Course: A classic backyard game! Get creative ye piratical parents and set out an active quest for your little buccaneers. They’ll not only get their bodies moving and roar with team spirit, but will work up an appetite fit for a whale! Good thing you have Pirate’s Booty snacks awaitn’!

Split yer crew into two teams or have one single riotous rabble, sit ‘em in a line and have them race thru the course one at a time. Simple stations spread out in a circle route will do nicely: Hop over a pool noodle, shimmy under a blanket held by two adults, crawl under a chair, walk the plank and race back to the finish line! Then conduct a contest about how much Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddarpuffs a buccaneer can carry in two hands.

Sea Sick Spin: Object of game is a race against time and dizziness. Two teams line up in parallel lines and sit at a start/finish line. Twenty or so paces distant are two items (examples: a whiffle bat, an orange cone, cut down pool noodles, etc). Each runner will hold on to its top point with their hand, place their forehead down on the back of their hand and then spin around it, bent over at waist, three full times and attempt to run back to line. Dizziness or “Sea Sickness” makes for a challenging and hilarious game, where the runner must tap the hand of the next runner. All kids take turns until last participant makes it back to line, and that team wins! Hooray!

Tunnel Crawl: (devised by David Engel) A pirate party favorite since the original tunnel was dug on Treasure Island: Have yer entire crew line up, facing the back of the mate in front of them. Assume the “Pirate Position” with their feet spread shoulder width apart, head held high, hands upon their hips. Voila! The Treasure Tunnel is formed between the groups spread feet!
Staring at the back of the “tunnel” each kid will slither like a snake, on their bellies, through the entire length of the “tunnel.” Now have the birthday child “show the rest how it’s done” by going first. Upon exiting the “tunnel” each lil pirate assumes their “Pirate Position,” legs akimbo, standing firm, recycling themselves by allowing the next friend to exit. The tunnel grows, each child has a turn shimmying through, until the last child appears back at the entrance. Let the last child go round again for their final triumphant turn! Look out for the ‘spiders’ as all mates lower their hands and tickle the last child as he/she make the last pass.

How to Eat Like a Pirate: (devised by David Engel) Buccaneers were ne’r known fer their proper table manners, indeed they were quite messy. So with yer parental captains allowance, we can let loose the ravenous, pirate within (just this once and never when grandma’s house!). Arrange the marauding kids into a circle mosh pit, this defines a huge imaginary pizza crust. Kids take turns (cuz pirates ALWAYS take turns!) stating their favorite pirate pizza ingredient and everyone “tosses” in that item onto the “crust”; it can be smelly squid, or ice cream or Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar! Next the entire crew gets upon their hands and knees and on a whistle they “eat” their way towards the center of the Pirate Pizza, sitting back when full, wiping their hands on their sleeves and making a big, buccaneer burp! Now yer eatin’ like a true pirate!

Alternate eating game: “Pirate’s Booty Bowl” substituting a giant bowl for the imaginary crust, we all “toss” in our favorite better-for-you snacks: Pirate’s Booty in all its varieties. After devouring the giant cauldron of invisible snacks we get a chance to enjoy the real ones! Bon appetite!

Fairy Camp: It’s commonly known that only kids, pirates and Peter Pan can see fairies. This charming game (devised by David Engel) allows the kids a quiet moment during a party to connect to their imaginations and to Nature. The “Lore” is that if Fairies, Wood Nymphs and Gnomes are given a safe, quiet place to relax in, they may just invisibly inhabit a child’s backyard, or room guarding it for eternity. Prompted by an adult, children are to create little rooms or houses out of easily found objects; i.e., fallen leaves, acorn tops, pebbles, twigs (or if indoors; paper, paper clips, buttons, pennies, etc.). They then build these “Fairy Huts” at the base of a nearby tree or on a corner.

Pi-Pi-Pirate: A jaunty pirate version of “Duck, Duck, Goose!” Winner gets Pirate’s Booty.

Pass the Squid: A silly sea-faring version of “Hot Potato” using marine life plush toys. (aquid, fish, shark, etc.)

Tug o’ War: The classic, active outside challenge game. Make sure everyone yells, “Heave!” Winner gets Pirate’s Booty.

No Giggle Competition: (devised by David Engel) This fun challenging game tests the crewmates ability to show self-control in the face of certain silliness. A line of six volunteers stand before the rest, or the entire party group stands in a circle, facing in. All are told to attempt to keep a serious, straight face as an adult says “One, two, three, the games begin. No giggling even if I say….” adding a silly word or sound to try to get the kids to crack up. If any child giggles, snickers, guffaws, laughs out loud they are ”Out” and must sit and enjoy the rest of the group who continue not to breakdown. Everyone applauds each other as the group is whittled down to the final three winners!

Freeze Jig: A piratical version of “Freeze Dance” with participants attempting their best version of old time dancing to fun pirate music easily found on-line.

Pirate Joke Competition: Kids love to tell jokes, even better if they make them up on the spot! Have a simple competition between the entire group. Allow each child the chance to stand up and tell a real or devised joke, on a nautical theme.

Crab Crawl: A classic turn on a “wheelbarrow race.” Each contestant locomotes backwards on all limbs to the finish line!

Pull Piñata: Self-explanatory – pull string piñatas filled with Pirate’s Booty packs. Pull string piñatas are better and safer than the stick piñata and Pirate’s Booty is a better-for-you snack and a much better choice than candy.


Decorate a Treasure Box: Let your crafty nature get the best of ye! Provide washable markers, crayons, rhinestones, plastic jewels, feathers, marine life figurines, Pirate’s Booty etc., with school glue or paste. Give each little rogue a plain cardboard box or mini-paper treasure chest available online and step back to observe the magic! A great craft at the start of the “Best Pirate Party Ever!” and a smart solution to fill up with favors, coins, or other giveaways as a treasured take-home favor. Pun intended!

Long John Paper Draw: Pirates must also use their wits and be creative. Ye can’t just sail about digging up treasure and carousin’! With this crafty craft the whole crew cooperates together to create an Island Paradise complete with treasure map, secret lairs, monkeys in palm trees and ships at anchor in a tropical bay. Anything yer wee Rembrandts desire! Roll out a long, length of butcher paper upon the deck of your party space (make sure ye cover the floor well n’ good to avoid extra swabbing clean up!).

Now armed with crayons and washable markers, allow yer creative corsairs’ minds to travel, far and deep across the horizon of their imaginations and create the scene! Afterwards, mount the masterpiece upon the party room wall for further viewing and pirate photo ops!

Design your own Jolly Roger or Treasure Map:
If’n ye parental types prefer a more moderate sized craft. Professor Bones suggests havin’ the little guppies devise their very own Jolly Roger flag or personal Treasure Map. A pile of parchment paper and a tub of crayons will do to help your mini-miscreants dream up their own artwork, which’ll double as a take-home keepsake of the “Best Pirate Party Ever!” Historically, a pirate captain came up with a distinct, customized Jolly Roger so as to be recognized from afar. Kids can use symbols of their own strengths and interests: for example crossed bones, or crossed swords can become crossed ballet shoes, or crossed baseball bats, savvy?!

Simple facepaint, sticks (moustaches)
Bath Tub Boat
Ocean in a Bottle
Foil Hook
Toilet Paper Cuffs

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