Stop Apologizing For Your Facebook Posts

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Can we get real for a minute (or ten)?  Throughout my time on Facebook, I have seen numerous friends or family apologize for the amount of pictures or statuses they post or are going to post throughout the day or an event.  I’m sure you’ve noticed it too.  Can you all do me a favor?  STOP.  Stop apologizing for your Facebook posts.

I am the type of person who will say sorry for being sorry, so I get it.  Ask anyone, or at least the ones who know me really well.  It just seems weird to me to apologize for posting what you want on your Facebook page.  If people don’t want it in their newsfeed, they can unfollow or go to the extreme and unfriend.


But really, I have to say that I am one of those serial ‘likers’.  We may not talk a ton or see each other a ton but if one of your posts happens to show up in my newsfeed, I will most likely use one of the Facebook reactions to show my feelings on it.

I tend to keep to myself and 2016 was a major year of growth for me, along with some incredible and internal sadness.  Do you know, as corny as it may sound to some people, one of the things that brightened my day?

People’s Facebook posts whether it is some news about work or family and most definitely pictures!  I have dealt with depression for almost half of my life. (Which is really a topic I could write a lot on – and have written a little about)  As I feel like I am melting into my covers during the day or night, I often scroll Facebook.  The photos of your kids, the news of how far you’ve come on your blog, the news of a family vacation or even a night out with your spouse, maybe you made your grandma’s famous recipe — you name it — it can often be a bright spot.  I am genuinely happy for any and all positive news.  I am thrilled to see good things happen to those in my life.

I guess my point, besides the fact that you shouldn’t apologize for what you want to post, is that you never know how you’re affecting someone.  Especially in a positive way!

I could ramble on and on about this but wanted to keep it to the point.  I know there are people who can relate.


  1. So true! Well said! Love you, friend!

  2. I totally agree,and I think more often than not ppl don’t think of the other person and that they have real feelings

  3. Now this is the kind of article I love coming across. I have seen so many of my own friends deal with this problem. Someone says or does something negative and they feel that they need to apologize for expressing themselves on their own timeline. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always tell them that they never need to apologize for any of their posts. If someone doesn’t like it, well they can always leave and I’ll even help them out the door.

    I’ve dealt with so many cruel and mean people, I think it’s time we take our voices back. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Adriane says:

    Agreed. A person’s FB page is theirs to post whatever they want. Don’t want to see it all? There;s plenty of ways to adjust a newsfeed.

  5. Kelly says:

    I think we all worry too much about how others will “see” us. Whether it is Facebook, at work, at church…we are all so worried that others will judge us poorly for what we say/post/think/act. The reality is that people that will judge you harshly don’t need to be in your life anyway. People that smile just because they see your name on their facebook wall, those are the people that you want in your life.

    • I agree! Thank you for sharing such wise words. I love what you said – “People that smile just because they see your name on their facebook wall, those are the people that you want in your life.” <3

  6. April Monty

    Your FB is just that it’s yours ,nobody has the right to say what you do and don’t post on your page

  7. justin orkin says:

    I friend only a certain number of people and see only a little bit.

  8. Sara Solida says:

    So true- thank you for sharing!

  9. Audrey T says:

    People should just ignore a person’s posts if offended/annoyed. It’s a great Facebook feature.

  10. MayLynn Mahler

    Ha! I think it’s funny that our society is so pc, and polite we are backwards on ourselves! we shouldn’t apologize when no offense is made because it cheapens our apologies. it’s like getting awards for participating and everybody is a winner. that’s not reality. society is distorting reality to make it ‘nicer’ for everyone, but really who is it nicer for? the person who worked their butt off to be number one, no they get a participation award too, that’s not nice. going to fb. share what you will. if i don’t like it, i’ll ignore it. you love your cat and want to post a gazillion pictures? go ahead that’s your time, your life your cat. get a backbone. i’m not saying be rude, God forbid. but Jesus spoke up, knocked over tables in righteous anger- and for that He was not sorry.

  11. Danielle Philpott says:

    I couldn’t agree more it’s your facebook you do what you want.

  12. Debbie Campbell says:

    So true! It is up to you if you want to see less in your feed. I like, share and post often, and I am not saying sorry!


    Thank you for sharing, I agree totally.

  14. Karen says:

    So true! I agree 100% Well said

  15. Kayla Klontz says:

    Yes, I agree!

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