Slow Cooker Chicken Wings

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Slow Cooker Chicken Wings

Slow Cooker Chicken Wings

Are you craving chicken wings but don’t want to spend the money at your everyday pizza place or restaurant?  Can’t blame you there.  Do you want an alternative to the fried and greasy wing?  Definitely don’t blame you there either.  Don’t get me wrong, the wings at a restaurant are really good but who has the money to go out all the time?!  As far as the grease goes, I am trying to be more careful going forward because I had my gall bladder out in January.  I also have to be mindful of pancreatitis which was brought about by excess gall stones that pushed right into my pancreas.  Certain foods can aggravate the pancreas even if the gall bladder and/or stones are no longer issues.  Anyway, that is why I wanted an alternative that would not necessarily bother me and affect my health negatively.

This isn’t going to be laid out like my other recipe posts where you have to measure out and follow it super closely.  Honestly, this is just more of a method to getting the taste you want.    You can make any kind of sauce you like! BBQ, ranch, honey mustard, you name it!  There is no right or wrong, in my opinion. When I made these wings this weekend, I knew I had to be strategic in how much (or not) of hot sauce I put in.  I don’t mind spice.  My husband, however, is not as brave as I am.  With that said, I compromised.  I made a spicy-ish barbecue sauce for the wings to cook in.  My husband gobbled up however many wings he ate and lived to tell about it, so it must have been good and not too hot for his liking!

Crockpot Chicken Wings

Basically all I did for this was throw in a 4lb bag of frozen chicken wings and pour the sauce mixture all over it.  Then I turned the slow cooker on high for about 4 hours.  Then if you like your chicken wings with a little crispness to them, I suggest sticking them under the broiler on a foil-lined baking sheet until they are to your liking.  I forgot to time this because I am human, but they did not burn! That’s Jenn, 1.  Broiler, 0. 😉

Crockpot Chicken Wings 3

So what was in my sauce?

  • 1 TBSP seasoned salt
  • 2 cups BBQ sauce (I suggest Sweet Baby Ray’s just because it is AH-MAZING)
  • 1/4 cup hot sauce (less if you don’t like the heat, more if you do)
  • a pinch or two of black pepper

Stir that all together and pour over the frozen (yes, frozen) wings in the slow cooker.  Turn it on HIGH for about 4 hours and walk away!  Take a nap, play with your kids, throw in a couple of laundries, whatever.  Then, like I suggested above, put them under your broiler until they are crisped up a bit if you would like.


**If you’re an overly cautious, but not necessarily helicopter-ish mom like myself, you definitely want to be careful giving these to any children that are old enough to eat food like the rest of the fam.  (Sorry little ones!)  The slow cooker method of preparing these makes the meat almost fall off the bones, making it a tiny bit dangerous for anyone but especially the kiddos.  Other than that, ENJOY.**




  1. This definitely seems much easier than cooking wings in the oven!
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