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Do you enjoy taking photos of any and everything? Do you love to stay in the know, as well as stay up on current events?  Want to potentially earn some money for your time, effort and work?  Have I got an app for you!  Maybe you’ve heard of the free mobile app, Scoopshot & if not, then you will want to keep reading!

I love to take photos of the beautiful sky, my kids, a pretty flower; heck, even a selfie! (Yup, thirty years old and I’ve given in to the trend of selfies.)  Anyway, if this sounds like you too, then why not download the free Scoopshot app?!  You can even earn money via their app if someone wants to purchase your photo(s) for their use.  Once you download the app, you just need to verify your account by clicking the link within the email they send you.  Make sure your name and contact info is filled in so that credit can be properly given, as well. There’s the potential to earn some nice rainy day cash with this app – and all for doing the things you may already be doing! Easy peasy!

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Scoopshot is the world’s leading content syndication platform with authentication technology! The photo buyers can easily acquire creative and unique still and video images and the photographers can get rewarded for their best photos.

P2S Media Group Inc. was established in April 2010 and is located in Helsinki, Finland. Privately owned, the company is run by a team of spirited serial entrepreneurs with successful track records. The company develops and runs the groundbreaking Scoopshot® visual content syndication service that connects mobile and professional photographers with individuals, international media companies and brands around the world.


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