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It’s not every day you meet a prince.  Prince Charming to be exact.  How lucky were the 24 bloggers plus myself when we met Richard Madden, the dreamy blue eyed actor known for Game of Thrones fame, and now his role as the prince in Disney’s Live Action Cinderella! Some of his answers really made you feel like you were talking with a modern day prince.  His Scottish accent (I am a sucker for accents) and his sweet, thoughtful, honest answers were just some extra fairy tale magic to our ears.

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How did you get involved in the process of playing a Prince? 

I wanted to make him different.  In the animation you only see him in 2 or 3 scenes and in the original animation there’s this kind of old fashioned view I think of you know a woman needing a man to come and rescue her from a terrible life and that’s kind of outdated enough.

Not a message I think we should be telling young girls and in this version, it’s not that which is great.  You’ve got a young man with all of his own problems and a young woman with hers and actually they bring the best out of each other.  I think she rescues him as much as he rescues her and that’s why I was really interested in this version.

We got to kind of see this real young man character and most importantly you know Cinderella’s this wonderful amazing woman that I wanted to make a man that was worthy of her affections.


Cinderella Prince Swing

What was your favorite scene?

The first scene that I show up with Lily, which is us on horseback when we first meet in the woods.  I like being outside and being on a horse. It’s more fun than being in the studio most of the time.  But that was our first day on set.  That was the first day of shooting. That was the first time with Lily.

So you kind of have all of that going on, on top of us kind of trying to play that scene.  And I love what Ken wanted to do — these 2 huge beasts (horses).  That we’re both trying to control and their feelings and, and this kind of dance that they do on the horses.

Cinderella Prince Horses

How hard was it to learn the dance routine?

It was miserable.  I’m not a naturally gifted dancer.  So I had to kind of train for like 2 or 3 months to like 3 or 4 times a week to get myself up to scratch so that. I mean there was 2 months before they let me near Lily’s dress and because I would just destroy it.  I went through like 2 practice dresses that looked like a bunch of cats have destroyed them.

But yeah, I wanted to make sure — I think the Prince would enjoy dancing.  So I wanted to make it look as if he was enjoying it and also that I could just act with Lily and not be thinking about what I’m doing with my feet.

Cinderella Dance

Were there any scenes that made you cry?

Yeah the scene with Derek playing the King. That was a very emotional day – but a really good one. I love working with Derek.  It was kind of an icon to me and that was kind of a really moving scene.  He plays it so beautifully, it was hard not to get caught up in that.


Richard Madden

What was your initial reaction when you found out you got the role as the Prince?

Well I was kind of just overwhelmed.  I was in Canada shooting a mini-series and I just got a text from my Agency before.  It’s, “Okay.”  But it was Branagh who’d called to text me to play the part.

And I was like just overwhelmed and really excited and then um just really terrified after that of like, “Oh God everyone’s gonna’ be like he’s wrong casting and how am I gonna do it? And that’s not my idea of a Prince.

And so all the feat of that, but like I just went back to the original animation and when actually somebody got 2 or 3 scenes we don’t get to know his name.  I can build a character from scratch and I can do that with Branagh. There’s no one better to kind of take me through that than him. A lot of my Prince is based on Kenneth Branagh ‘cause he is like a true gentleman.


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