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What a whirlwind couple of weeks I’ve had! Last week was The BFG red carpet premiere, interviews with cast and crew, and other related events. This week is when I get to share the majority of the info with you. I’ve been privileged and honored to have such wonderful opportunities each time I visit California, but last week was truly amazing. It’s always when you think it can’t get any better, that it does!


Today, I take you into the minds, and even the hearts, of Penelope Wilton and Rebecca Hall. They star as the Queen and Mary, respectively, in Disney’s The BFG – in theaters Friday, July 1.  If only you could be in the room when they walked in, there was such a loveliness about them.

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Getting involved with Steven Spielberg and this film was about as easy as easy can get. Both Penelope Wilton and Rebecca Hall basically got a phone call asking them to be in The BFG and emphatically said, “Yes!” Penelope was thrilled because (Hellooo) Steven Spielberg! Rebecca echoed that, also noting that she had been a long time fan of Roald Dahl’s The BFG.


Penelope Wilton, known as the Queen on film, has recently been appointed as Dame (in real life!). Just a mere seven weeks ago, she was asked if she’d accept the title once the Prime Minister forwards her name to the Queen. She had to keep it quiet for nearly six of those seven weeks! She felt like she was dreaming. How funny, yet appropriately timed, for starring in The BFG and all things dream-related. If you’re familiar with The BFG, you’ll know why I mentioned dreams and The BFG when it comes to being appointed Dame.

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On working with Ruby Barnhill, “Sophie” in The BFG, Ms. Wilton has nothing but kind things to say. They both felt she was very professional, took direction well, and had a wonderful sense of humor that kept them both laughing. Perhaps even more important, she is just a lovely girl who they’re so proud to work with.

Ruby affectionately calls Penelope, “Queen” or “Queenie”, for obvious reasons. She refers to Rebecca as, “Purple Swan” because of a dress Ms. Hall wore.


They shared with us their favorite scenes from the film, as well. For Ms. Wilton, it was the dreams.  The dreams, in jars, The BFG captures and releases into humans.  I also thought that was incredibly magical with just the right touch of inspirational beauty. I have to agree with her that it’s just “a lovely sequence.”


Since we can all appreciate humor, I had to laugh when Ms. Hall shared her favorite scene. You ready for this one? It’s the hysterical part where they’ve all had frobscottle, while in the palace, and, um, have a problem with wind. Believe me, that’s no spoiler — you will laugh your whizz popping hind end off!

Penelope Wilton - Queen Frobscottle

They even laughed with us!

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I am proud of the next question, albeit simple, because I had the chance to ask Penelope and Rebecca personally. It also gave us some sweet insight into their background together. I asked them both, what made this film “The BFG” special for each of them…?

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Ms. Wilton shared how lucky she is because Steven Spielberg has done great things in her life and career. She thought it to be so wonderful to be part of such a story that she hopes an entire generation of young children will remember like other generations remember “E.T.” Last but not least, she adores Rebecca and felt it was so lovely to be able to work together.

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Penelope and Rebecca’s father, Sir Peter Hall, worked together when he ran the National Theater, so Penelope remembers when Rebecca was born. For Rebecca, she remembers Penelope as a figure she has always admired and loved from afar, so it was an absolute treat to get to work with her. So not only the unique and dear relationship they have, but also the combination of sharing the work of Roald Dahl and Steven Spielberg on the big screen. Hall shared that they were very influential in her childhood as a creative output.

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Disney’s The BFG stomps its way into theaters July 1, 2016

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