Protecting Your Child in an Increasingly Dangerous World

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Parenthood today has changed today in ways that many of us could not have anticipated. While spending time with those over the age of 40, you may hear of children who did things that would be unimaginable to the children of today. Adults speak of long summer days spent roaming and wandering coming home only for mealtimes. Clusters of children spent time hopping from home to home rarely taking time or thought to let parents know at which home they might be found. BB guns, toy swords and pocket knives were carried my many and boy scout flint and steel kits were carried and used by some.

This is a different day and age for parents worldwide. No longer do we trust that our children will be safe in our neighborhoods. Easily accessed websites point out dangerous people living nearby, and television news coverage is often filled with stories of children who have been mistreated. Because parental concerns have changed today, there are a few new technologies that may help you have peace of mind.

Hidden Cameras

Most of us can remember a time in our childhood when we felt unsafe. It may have been around a particular individual or in a very specific situation. We may have wished to have a parent or older sibling with us for protection. With today’s technological advances, a nanny cam can help a parent know what is happening when they are unable to be at home. Whether the devices are recording care providers, sibling interaction, even neighbors who come to visit while parents are not home.

Tracking Devices

Because children do not often understand the dangers of today, they are prone to wander, just as many of us did as children. This wandering may occur in a neighborhood while looking for a friend to play with or in a shopping mall while watching an interesting display. The effect of a wandering child on a parent can be immediate and terrible. A parent may feel increased anxiety, inability to think clearly, and may even hyperventilate upon discovering their child has wandered away. A child GPS tracker is a small device that can be inconspicuously attached to your child’s clothing or backpack to help you locate them in case they are difficult to find. Many of these work in conjunction with a cell phone app that allows you to pinpoint their location.

Voice Activated Recorders

Children often feel a sense of injustice when they are picked on, bullied or mistreated and cannot verbally explain what happened. This can mean that they are not believed when they try and let a responsible adult know what is going on. If you are concerned that your child may be in an unsafe situation and want proof of what is happening, you may want to invest in a small voice activated recording device. A digital recording may provide understanding for you as the parent, or proof for an authority figure who may need to take appropriate action. These devices come in the form of pens, mp3 players and even buttons that can be sewn on in place of an original button.

Parents today though saddened at the thought of a childhood that is dramatically different than their own, look to technology to help with the safety of their children. By using various devices, you may be able to feel a very real sense of relief when raising children in a more danger filled time.

Article Written by Jen Blair of The Sprightly Shopper, Follow her on Twitter @sprightlyshopr

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