Premier Protein CLEAR is a Great Beverage For Moms on the Go!

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As a busy mom (and wife, blogger, volunteer, etc…), there are far too many moments where I go without eating or drinking something to help sustain myself during the day.  Sure, it’s easy to go to a fast food place or convenience store and pick up something while I’m on the go, but is it really the best option?  I know it isn’t.

As I try to make better choices and take care of myself, I often look for items while I shop that would help me do just that.  Recently, I made a trip to Sam’s Club to pick up some normal household items such as paper towels, garbage bags, school lunch items and more.   I decided to look around and see what else we needed, in case I missed adding it to my list.  That’s when I saw it.  It was like a light bulb moment!

As I pushed my cart towards the Premier Protein display, I noticed it was an item that I hadn’t seen in Sam’s Club before.  Are you familiar with the Premier Protein brand?  In case you’re not, they already have a fantastic line of bars, shakes, and powders.  However, as of April 2017, they’ve launched a new CLEAR Tropical Punch beverage, exclusive to Sam’s Club Stores nationwide!

I am so excited for this, as it will be a new staple on my shopping list when I make my way back to Sam’s!  It’s a deliciously refreshing beverage with great nutritional value — only 90 calories and ZERO grams of sugar for 20 grams of protein.

Remember when I said I often go through my day without the correct choices to sustain myself?  That’s a thing of the past now that I have CLEAR by my side or in my bag.  I love the energy it provides to keep me feeling great throughout the day.

Cheers to all the moms on the go!

Make sure you pick up a 12-pack (or two!) of Premier Protein CLEAR during your next trip to Sam’s Club!

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