Pull-Ups® and Cottonelle® Make Potty Training Easier #TrainTogether

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It is no secret that potty training can be a hard task for many families.  Throw in the chaos of moving, buying a home (and moving again!) and just normal everyday life, and that is enough to make any little one regress.  With that said, I didn’t pressure my children.  They weren’t in school yet and it just isn’t me to add intentional stress to anyone’s life.  My daughter was almost there when we had to move.  She quickly got where she needed to be.

Kids Pull Ups

My son, however, is a different story.  I’ve been told boys typically take longer and may be more difficult with reaching potty training success.  While it can be frustrating and seem like a long road, all we can do as parents is be patient and do our best to stay consistent and encourage our children.

Pull Ups Shelf

At any rate, there are times throughout the day, and especially at night, where my children have needed a little help from Pull-Ups® Training Pants.  Even during the day, with each bathroom break, Cottonelle® FreshCare® Flushable Cleansing Cloths help keep them clean and feeling fresh after each visit to the potty.

Cottonelle Wipes

Now, at your local Sam’s Club®, you can get some awesome items when you purchase Pull-Ups® for your children. The boys and girls designs each come with a bonus toddler back pack! One thing I love about the Cottonelle® Wipes is that they fit easily into your purse, toddler back pack and are even easy to just carry in your hand to the bathroom if you’re out and about.

Pull Ups Girls

Visit your local Sam’s Club® where you can receive a $10 e-Gift Card when you purchase any two Pull-Ups® Training Pants and/or Cottonelle® Fresh Care® Flushable Cleansing Cloths. Also, visit the sweepstakes landing page where you can enter to win a $500 Sam’s Club® Gift Card just by sharing a family photo.

Pull Ups Boys


Try Pull-Ups® and Cottonelle® FreshCare® for yourself!  Your little ones will thank you!

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