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Alright, it’s time to get real here.  I don’t write about my kids and my parenting adventures nearly as much as I would like to.  I have very little balance, totally good intentions, yet, I am often behind in things.  Hence, why I am writing this the evening of the day it is due. Not good, but I am being honest.

Motts Applesauce
If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.  I had a tech mishap for three hours today and little cooperation from my kids which resulted in play-doh being “dropped” on my carpet and me contemplating if anyone would notice the missing chunk of fabric from it if I were to cut it out.  Don’t worry, the play-doh is still there.  It kind of gives my home a nice ambiance.  It says, “Kids live here.”  Kind of like the gray hairs that have been sprouting up since I was 26, say, “My hair sparkles like glitter.”  I’m going to be 32 in July, in case you were wondering.
Motts Juice
With all of that said, Mott’s understands all of the above…and more!  They’ve recently launched the Good & Honest campaign in order to celebrate and showcase some of life’s ‘parenting truths’ moments to uplift parents, give people a good laugh and acknowledge that parenting usually involves improv of some sort.  I think most parents try to be the best they can be everyday.  Life happens and we’re human.  That is how I feel about it.  So, you just pick up the pieces and when they won’t fit back together as perfectly as you’d like, you just have to go with the flow.
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When I saw the mini-posters of other moms & dads, I had to laugh.  It truly made me feel better because there are moments when I think I am rocking this parenting gig.  I also have those moments where I want to hide in the bathroom with a candy bar and cry.  What does that accomplish though?!  Cheaper than my therapy co-pay!  Always a silver lining.


Some things I have done that may be of use to you are:

  • Telling them we are out of a certain kind of snack food when I feel they’ve had too much for one day.  I am referring to something like cookies or chocolate syrup.
  • See how many toys they can pick up before the song ends on the CD I play.
  • Telling them the record light on the DVR box is Santa’s camera watching them.  That little gem is thanks to my husband.  I am still not sure how I feel about it.
  • Telling my kids the toy section was closed in the store because Santa is getting ready for Christmas.  This cracked up a store employee as I walked by him.  I just wanted to get in and out of the store. Can you blame me?!
  • Going out to a family dinner and telling the kids that all fast food restaurants were closed because my husband and I wanted to eat at a ‘nicer’ restaurant.
  • The ice cream truck only plays music when they’ve run out of ice cream to sell.

I know I am a really good mom. We ALL have our moments though!  You’re either laughing or smirking right now because you know it’s true.

Kids Motts Watermarked

My kiddos really enjoyed the products we received!


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  1. latanya says

    When my son does not want to take his medicine, I try to buy the medicine in blue for leonardo from tmnt and tell him to take his Leo medicine so he can be strong and save the world from bad guys.

  2. Laura J says

    We had a moment this winter, we where visiting my sisters house. It started to snow and we didnt have his boots along. So, she gave us some of her socks and some grocery plastic bags. We put the socks over his shoes and then the bags. We tucked the bags in his socks and it worked! He has so much fun with his handmade boots!

  3. Linda F. says

    My youngest daughter never wanted to brush her teeth, so we started making it into a fun time for her by playing music and dancing around the bathroom as she brushed. In no time, he became a time that she enjoyed and she actually looked forward to brushing her teeth.

  4. Jessica Beard says

    My son love routine and things to stay the same. He has had a small Christmas tree up in his room since November. He didn’t want to take it down. My honest moment this week is when I told him that summer can’t come if all of the Christmas decorations are still up in his room. He let me take it down and we replaced it with a fun summer beach pail.

  5. Nicole Dz says

    My kids hate eating there veggies, so I always sneak them in the food when cooking, when they ask what it is and notice, I tell them it is a special ingredient that comes from magic beans to help them grow. Sometimes now when cooking they tell me not to forget the special ingredient. lol

  6. D Schmidt says

    Mines is telling my children we have trolls at the end of the yard to keep them from wandering out of our garden, its good because it encourages imagination 😉

  7. Margaret Smith says

    I would tell my kids that the ice cream truck was really a music truck. That the truck rode around playing music to make everyone happy. Never a mention of ice cream 🙂
    Love the VCR blinking light & Santa idea!

  8. Adrienne gordon says

    I told them if they are telling a lie, their tongues turn purple.

  9. Cynthia C says

    I told my son the washing machine would make his blankie “magic” so he would let me wash it.

  10. I have had many #goodandhonest parenting moments in the kitchen when we bake something together. There is usually a problem with messes and sharing but with patience and understanding, we always have a good time.

  11. I tell my small daughter that PetSmart is “the zoo” and that the cages of adoptable kitties are “baby lions.”

  12. Recently at dinner my grandson “wasn’t hungry” I told him I bet I could eat him at finishing my broccoli, then chicken and then potatoes. He had cleaned his plate before he knew it, and was asking for more broccoli!

  13. Evie B. says

    My youngest son went through a phase where he always wanted to wear the same t-shirt no matter the weather or no matter where we were going. At first I fought it but then I let him just wear what he wanted and eventually he grew out of the phase. It wasn’t worth fighting over and it wasn’t hurting anyone.

  14. beth shepherd says

    I have often told my kids (when they were smaller) that I had Santa on speed dial. It worked..

  15. nickie says

    When my son doesn’t want to take medicine I tell him that it’s magic medicine enchanted by a wizard that will help him feel better.

  16. Suzanne K says

    I told my daughter that the tooth fairy must have had a very busy night and would get to her the next night – her tooth had fallen out and I didn’t have any cash!

  17. Denise S says

    I sneak a little wheat flour into lots of the thing I make when the kids aren’t looking.

  18. Barbara Fox says

    We live in a rural area – I used to tell my kids that farm ponds had whirlpools in them that would suck them down. Kept ’em safe LOL!

  19. Ashley C says

    I told them if they petted the goldfish their hands would turn green.

  20. Brittney House says

    One year my kids found all my receipts for the gifts “santa” got them and I let them know that this year instead of getting the toys from the North pole, he did his shopping at Target, ToysR Us, ect….

  21. autumn b says

    i told my son that there is a fairy that watches over when he sleeps and reports back to me if he got up out of bed!

  22. kyl neusch says

    Had Santa on speed dial to call him

  23. Christina

    My daughters room is a mess and she stuff stuff under her bed. She lost a tooth and the money wasn’t under her pillow the next morning. I told her it must have fallen off the bed and I bet if she cleaned out from underneath it…I bet she would find her money. 2 birds with one stone, I got her to clean out under her bed and I had fallen asleep the night before and forgotten about the tooth fairy.

  24. I used to add some veggies into my son’s fruit smoothies. He would not notice it

  25. Lauren says

    My son decided to cut his own bangs.

  26. I have learned that you can’t always keep a clean house with kids, kids make messes and that is okay. Some of the best moments I have made have been making messes like finger painting or cooking together.

  27. amy linderman says

    sometimes when money is tight i buy generic foods instead of the name brand my kids really like and put the generic substitute in the name brand box.

    • I hear ya! I have been there and the kids ask where “this kind” of food is. I say oh they were out of it at the store and this one (generic) is all they had left. Maybe next time.

  28. Angelica says

    I tell my kids if they sleep with shoes on- their feet will fly at night!

  29. Erica B. says

    I don’t have any yet.

  30. Kimmy Ripley says

    I tell my daughter that she needs to brush her teeth so they won’t fall out.

  31. I told my son that McDonalds was closed on Sundays so the workers could go to church and be with their families, that way we can go to a sit down restaurant for Sunday dinner.

  32. Dawn Monroe says

    I fell asleep waiting on the tooth fairy one time so I had to turn it into a two day event. I felt bad but my son enjoyed having the focus on him longer so it worked out.

  33. Carolyn Daley says

    I do not have kids of my own yet, but I do have an adorable 1 1/2 year old nephew. If I am babysitting, I try to distract him while his parents slip away so he doesn’t cry the instant my sister in law or brother drops him off. He loves the “hot dog” song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I always have an episode ready to play when he first gets here.

  34. Jennifer W says

    I’ve fibbed about the junk food being all gone too! My son is only two, so we have’t had too many times where we’ve needed to skew the situation, but he’s so willful that I can see resorting to some of these in the future.

  35. joe gersch says

    I told my daughter eating her veggies will increase her brain capacity by 50 percent

  36. Ellie Wright says

    When my little guy started kindergarten and couldn’t tell time yet. He would ask me how many hours he had to stay there. i would tell him 3 when it was really 7. He believed me but thought 3 hours lasted a looong time.

  37. When it is time to leave Paradise Park (a play place for kids to go and have fun) we tell my granddaughter that they are closing and that all of the other kids are going to have to go home too. My daughter taught me this one. It is the only way to get her to go without being so upset because she just loves playing with the other kids.

  38. EMMA HORTON says


  39. Susan Smith says

    I have told my children that the store was out of an items when I feel they have had too much of that item, usually something sweet like cookies or ice cream.

  40. Jennifer Reed says

    I told my daughter once that the tooth fairy could not find our house so I had to give her directions the next night. I did not have any cash!

  41. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    I tell my son that we need to get his toys to sleep to help him pick them up and put them away at the end of the day.

  42. Laurie Emerson says

    I am guilty of a guilt and honest moment when I bake my daughter a birthday cake and it came out flat as a pancake. I told her that this was a special kind of cake called a flat birthday cake and was supposed to look like this. She just gave me this look like “really mommy??”.

  43. Stephanie Larison says

    Haha I’ve done the Santa and toy section comment, too! I’m not sure my daughter believed me or not, lol but that’s what I told her…Santa is getting ready! I tell my oldest daughter if she doesn’t eat her veggies she will not keep growing, that she’ll shrink back down to baby size. She doesn’t want to be smaller than her little sister, so it gets her to eat them. 🙂

  44. Crystal F says

    The only one I can think of right this second is the Tooth Fairy. There’s been times we didn’t have the cash and have told our girls that the she was really busy and would come the next night. I know there is more but my brain is not working this morning. lol Thank you!

  45. My girls are grown now and I’m on grandsons, but I used to wait til they were out of the house to purge their things and when they noticed something missing (never a favorite, I’m not that cold) I would tell them that there were some kids whose mommies couldn’t get them any toys so I knew they would be happy to share. It wasn’t a lie, exactly, because I did donate everything usable. 😉
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  46. Francine Anchondo says

    I add extra vegetables into their foods like spagthetti sauce and just chopped very small.

  47. My older daughter thought for the longest time that I had eyes in the back of my head so that I could see what was going on in the back seat–she even searched through my hair for them once. It took her a long time to realize that the rear view mirror and close listening did almost as well as eyes. Remember that there was once a time before seat belts, so there was a lot more movement back there! My younger daughter didn’t fall for it though.

  48. Michelle D says

    I love using these for school lunches!

  49. when the grandparents buy them way too much candy or huge chocolate bars, we put a lot of it up or all of the chocolate (it makes my kids bounce off the walls) then after a couple of weeks or so when they ask for it. I say “Oh, Im sorry hun, thats no good anymore its been there too long and we need to throw it out” my oldest is 6 and still doesn’t question it, even asks if she can help throw it out.

  50. Peggy Rydzewski says

    When the grand kids come over for mexican food night we make them a mott apple juice margaritas and they love them.

  51. Mary Cloud says

    I forgot to put money under the pillow one night when my daughter lost her tooth so I told her the tooth fairy had a busy night and couldn’t get to it and would be there for sure the next night.

  52. Lisa Garner says

    My daughter thinks that pregnant women have big bellies because they swallowed their watermelon seeds and a watermelon grew in their stomach. Easier than having the big “talk” right now.

  53. Richard Hicks says

    We liked to remind them when they were bahaving badly that Santa was making a naughty list

  54. Vikki Billings says

    I told my kids that if they swallowed gum it would make everything inside them stick together and it could squeeze their insides. They never swallowed gum again.

  55. Right now, he’s my helper or assistant and a good assistant puts the toys away at the end of the day.

  56. Brian E. says

    We have told our kids that the television only “works” for X minutes each day i.e. we set the TV sleep timer for however long we want to allow them to watch, usually 30- 45 minutes.

  57. Trisha McKee says

    For the longest time, my daughter thought Intermission at the circus meant… it was over.

  58. CharityS says

    I always add carrots to my son’s homemade smoothies.

  59. Sarah L says

    Having fun playing fun tricks on each other.
    Thanks for the contest.

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