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Do your children get online?  Do they have their own computer or do you have a family computer?  Personally, my children are very young and really don’t get online.  I’ve played a few learning games with them but being online at their age is something they could not do alone.  I feel like it is never too early to talk about safe online habits with your children, especially in today’s world. Take into consideration your children’s natural desire to learn what mommy or daddy are doing on the computer and use that opportunity to talk to them in ways you feel are appropriate.


There are many websites that offer entertainment and educational activities for your children.  Did you know that your child could even have a safe email account of their very own, right on  (It’s even free to try for the first month!)  They’d feel just as “grown up” as mom or dad and it would be completely safe as well.  As with anything you are unsure of for your children, you might find it beneficial to explore the email site or other sites you think your children would enjoy, yourself in advance to determine which ones would be a good fit for their age group or that they may find interesting.

Sitting with your child will help them learn how to use the computer as well as what is safe online.  More importantly, this is your first opportunity to establish your role as decision-maker in your child’s internet experience. Narrate your actions during computer time to emphasize proper computer use and appropriate choices.

Just as you are helping your child learn the rules of society and accepted ways of behaving in social settings, begin teaching the rules of online interaction as well. Proper netiquette is an essential skill that all users must respect, in the same way that members of a real-world community adhere to certain standards. These rules ensure that all users are treated with respect and courtesy. They also provide for the safety of all members.

As your child becomes more adept at navigating the computer world, you can use the opportunity to compliment good choices, explain what makes other choices less beneficial, and continue to establish and reinforce family rules for computer and internet use.


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  1. Masshole Mommy says:

    My kids are only 7 & 10, so they aren’t allowed on the computer yet because they are much too young, but I do worry because I know it won’t be long before they NEED to use the computer for homework.

  2. My daughter is 9 years old, and I think this would be great for her. I will have to look more into this.
    susan recently posted..Shop BrylaneHome for furniture & accessories, a great way to organize your home. #GiveawayMy Profile

  3. What a great idea! Kids are starting to use the computer very early in life, even at school so this would be a great, safe way for them to enjoy it as parents do.
    Dee Mauser recently posted..Silly Mama QuiltsMy Profile

  4. We have a computer in our living room that my son uses. We have to log him into the computer and have safeguards in place so he can’t visit sites we don’t want him to. He currently does have email that he checks but I love the idea of making that safer for him.
    Stefany recently posted..20 Terrific Children’s Fall CraftsMy Profile

  5. This is such a great idea for kids! They need to be able to be online in this day and age, but definitely need to be safeguarded!
    Dominique recently posted..Springboard America Payment!My Profile

  6. It always worries me thinking about what my son will have to deal with when he logs onto the computer. Good to know there’s way to keep things safe!
    Meagan recently posted..The Way a Relaxing Vacation Should Be!My Profile

  7. This is so important! Kids are growing up in a different time than we did and we need to instill this in them early! Your tips are great! Thank you!
    Tosh recently posted..FurReal Friends My Bouncin’ Pup just $17! (Reg. $26.99)My Profile

  8. My oldest is asking but I still think that 10 is too young. This sounds like a great safe compromise!
    Tammi recently posted..It Wasn’t MeMy Profile

  9. This is such a great idea. Kids are going online at such a young age these days. We need to make sure they’re protected.
    Jennifer recently posted..Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Pinterest BlastMy Profile

  10. I love this! The internet is a crazy place, and there are some horrible things out there. Any tool we can use to protect our children is great.
    Dawn recently posted..Falling for Meatless: 15 Mouthwatering Meals in MinutesMy Profile

  11. Oh I love this. It’s such a great way to get children familiar with email without the worry of what might come their way.

  12. I love this! My daughter has started asking about email, and now I can let her feel like a big girl on the computer and know she’s still safe. Love it!

  13. I love this! Now, the little ones can begin to learn about email and still be safe.

  14. Oh, now this is great! Kids are getting tech savvy at younger and younger ages. This is a great way to allow them to explore things like email and still keep them safe.
    Jen Temcio recently posted..Fashion Project Lets You Support Your Favorite Charity with StyleMy Profile

  15. What a great idea. The world is getting more and more technologically advanced. It’s nice to be able to give the kids a leg up without putting them at risk!
    Marina recently posted..Tomato Rice {My Quick Comfort-Food-On-A-Rainy-Day Recipe}My Profile

  16. We don’t need this yet, but I need it soon.
    April recently posted..You Can Be Comfortable & FabulousMy Profile

  17. I love this idea. Kids are getting tech savvy earlier and earlier. Their tech knowledge is much more vast than their knowledge of the world. This is a great way to keep them safe in a scary online world.

  18. For us, the school was the kids’ first introduction to email. They were using it at school to communicate their work (online homework) with their teacher. We’ve set up email accounts for them but haven’t discussed netiquette nor do we allow them to communicate with anyone we don’t know. My hubby is auto-cc’d on all their correpondence.
    Nicole Brady recently posted..Have We Lost Our Marbles? Not Yet!My Profile

  19. so important. my kids are already finding they need the computer for schoolwork and they are in k, 2 and 4!
    Brett recently posted..Pull-Ups and Potty TrainingMy Profile

  20. I love a program that makes surfing the web safer for my kids! Kids Email is a must in all homes!

  21. Our girls love getting on the Internet. Always looking for a safe way to surf. Thanks.
    Kristin recently posted..My Heart Dances AroundMy Profile

  22. These is so important for kids to learn. I used to teach it in school.
    Kristin Wheeler recently posted..Big Brother 16 Winner Declared … #BB16 #BBADMy Profile

  23. All of my children use the internet, but my two youngest do not have email accounts. I think I will setup their email program through something kid friendly when it comes time.
    Stefani Tolson recently posted..Why I Love Shopping At Zappos!My Profile

  24. It never ceases to amaze me the young age so many kids have emails and access to things far too grown up for them! A safe email sounds like a great thing.


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