Is This Just Another Cliché New Year’s Post?

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The other day, I was talking to my husband about wanting to do something fun for New Year’s Eve. We always do a little something, but this year needed to be that much bigger and better. He said he just didn’t care because there was nothing good about the year 2014 for him. I hated that he said that. I guess I am the eternal optimist, even when things are going terribly wrong. This is coming from someone who has dealt with depression since high school. Maybe I am a realist with a positive side.  Does that even make sense? Perhaps you know what I mean.


I get why he would feel that way, but honestly 2014 was a very eye-opening year for myself. I became very sick in January 2014, needing my gall bladder removed. That everyday surgery turned into a 2 week hospital stay with pancreatitis due to leftover gallstones that pushed into my pancreas. Much to my heavily medicated surprise, I was told that I nearly died at least 2x (by medical personnel). I certainly felt like death and nothing like myself. Then to hear things from my husband, mother-in-law and primary doctor basically confirmed it.

I got sent home with a wound vac attached to me and orders for home health services to come 2-3 times a week, along with a weekly doctor’s appointment in the wound care department. Fast forward to nearly May 2014, I got my wound vac machine off. It was helping to heal my two open wounds on my abdomen from surgery. I’ve just got to add that my surgeon’s nurse, my primary doctor and the wound care department really saved my life and kept me going in a positive way.

Yes, of course, my kids had a lot to do with that too. There was a time that I remember laying in the hospital bed just hurting so much and not understanding or knowing what exactly was going on. I wanted to die. People can laugh or be skeptical, but I believe I saw a heavenly outline if you will. I don’t know exactly what made me snap out of it, but something said or triggered a response within me that told me I needed to be alive for my kids. And myself. I do not think I am wrong or bad for thinking otherwise momentarily. I think I am completely human and hit a huge rough patch, but realized there was so much more waiting for me in life. It really opened my eyes.

I was able to do things that I did not think I’d be alive for in 2014 (and obviously beyond). I took my kids to Muppets Most Wanted, to visit the Easter Bunny, our annual community yard sales, I hosted Easter dinner, a rather “large” shopping trip at the mall for new clothes for the kids and whatnot, a media trip to Arkansas, an amazing Disney media trip in late September, a family birthday party in October for my kids, hosting Thanksgiving dinner with both sides of the family, visiting Santa, my new found love of baking, enjoying Christmas celebrations with so many family members and I am sure tons of things I am forgetting.

Another thing I am so completely proud, yet humble, about is the growth of my site. Who knew that starting my sites in 2011 – as a hobby – because I was truly clueless that one could make an income doing what I am now in love with working hard at! I’ve been given such fantastic opportunities, second chances and offered chances at growth that I would have never dreamt about! I never thought I’d bounce back after taking months off due to health.  I used to be a VA (virtual assistant), now I need one.

So, not only did I learn a lot about others, albeit good or bad, in 2014. I most definitely learned about myself. It is sad and wonderful that it took nearly dying to open my eyes and heart even more than I feel they were, spread my wings and just take that leap of faith to LIVE. I was already proud of who I was, but now I can be proud of who I am becoming. I definitely give props to those that deserve it and believed in me, but I have to say I am damn proud of myself. I’ve come a long way.

Maybe this seems like another cliché New Year’s post…  Regardless, here’s to an even more wonderful 2015…for us all.


  1. Amen, sister!! I love you girl and am so proud of you and you definitely should be proud of yourself! You’re amazing!!
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