Ditch the Ick with New Dry Spray Antiperspirants at Walmart #TryDry

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There’s nothing more embarrassing than perspiring and everyone knowing you are!  Whether it is wedding day jitters (been there!), those crazy sweat stains – or worse – deodorant stains on your shirt (done that!) or just wanting to smell fresh as you go through your normal day, I am sure you can relate.  In my opinion and experience, finding the perfect antiperspirant is crucial.

With that said, I am excited to tell you about the NEW Dry Spray Antiperspirants from Degree Men, Degree Women, Dove, Dove Men+Care and Axe, available at Walmart. You can even watch a quick video on Walmart’s site and reserve your own sample to try it out for yourself.

Dry Sprays

Personally, immediately after applying the dry spray, I noticed how fresh I smelled and felt.  It was super easy with just a couple of sprays and an instant dry feeling, I was ready to go.  But with a new product, – even with the 48 hour label on it – I really wondered if I would feel and smell the same way throughout the day.  A few hours later, after running errands with a warm, long sleeved shirt on, a winter coat in tow, and running after my 2 preschoolers, I got a nice whiff of myself.  Yup, still going strong.  Not me, the dry spray!  I was so pleased that I still smelled so good, along with feeling clean and dry.  Fast forward a few hours to grab some items at the store for dinner, picking up my husband from work, then finally getting a chance to sit down other than in my car, and I was relieved to find that I most definitely smelled and felt clean and fresh still.

Man Woman Dry Spray

Don’t forget to watch the short video on Walmart in order to reserve your free dry spray sample.

You will be thrilled when you’re getting superior protection and feeling the cleaner difference of the all-new Dry Spray Antiperspirants from Degree Men, Degree Women, Dove, Dove Men+Care and Axe.  So, ladies and gents, ditch that ick of slick, visible solid antiperspirants and start enjoying an amazing 48-hour protection of an antiperspirant spray that goes on dry – instantly!!

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