New Dishes for the New Year

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New Year Dishes


What do you do to celebrate New Year’s Eve?  Do you bring in the new year with the same ol’ food choices each year?  For my family, that can usually mean you will find a homemade cream cheese dip with your choice of potato chips, pretzels, flavored tortilla chips and more – among many other dishes.  However, this year, I wanted it to be a little different.  Nothing wrong with traditions or the same dishes at each celebration but sometimes it is nice to have a change of pace.

There are some great choices to round out your day or prepare for your New Year’s celebration this year!  Which one will  you try?

  1. Champagne Chicken & Mushroom Pasta
  2. Seared Salmon with Tzatziki Sauce
  3. Quick and Easy Sesame Ginger Dinner Salad
  4. Healthy Breakfast Cookies
  5. Chewy Chocolate Coconut Bars
  6. Celebration Sparkle Popcorn Treat
  7. New Year’s Eve Chocolate Covered Oreos
  8. Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos
  9. Salmon Twice Baked Potatoes

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