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If you’ve ever wondered how the storyline of a movie is created or just what goes on behind the scenes of an animated film, well, you’re in for a real treat today!

A The Good Dinosaur story review, including Kelsey Mann, Meg LeFauve, Erik Benson, Edgar Karapetyan and Director Peter Sohn, as seen on August 1, 2014 at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, Calif. (Photo by Deborah Coleman / Pixar)

Last month, while in San Francisco, I had one of the most fun opportunities and pleasures to sit down with Screenwriter Meg LaFauve and Story Supervisor Kelsey Mann of Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur (out on November 25, 2015~!!).


It may sound silly and repetitive of me, but I truly enjoyed meeting with so many of the talented folks at Pixar.  Not to say that people don’t enjoy their jobs there, but there are some that are just so passionate and animated about their line of work.  It makes talking with them and just being in the same room such a treat!

AN UNLIKELY PAIR - In Disney•Pixar's THE GOOD DINOSAUR, Arlo, an Apatosaurus, encounters a human named Spot. Together, they brave an epic journey through a harsh and mysterious landscape. Directed by Peter Sohn, THE GOOD DINOSAUR opens in theaters nationwide Nov. 25, 2015. ©2015 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

While we were there, Kelsey wanted us to watch on the screen with our backs to him in order to truly envision what was happening to Arlo and Spot, while he vividly animated the unfinished slides of the film.  Even with the slides not being fully completed, his sounds and storytelling really pulled you in.

THE GOOD DINOSAUR - Pictured: Spot. ©2015 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Kelsey used his mouth (so simple, right?!) to make some of the sounds,  a squeaky toy (you will understand when you see the scene with Arlo and rodents popping out of the ground), and more, to reenact the scenes we were able to watch.  During that, we learned were actually sitting at the very table where The Good Dinosaur‘s storyline came to life with all of the Pixar staff, including Screenwriter Meg LaFauve, who helps to keep the story flowing, on track and appealing to audiences.

THE GOOD DINOSAUR - Screenwriter Meg LaFauve and Story Supervisor Kelsey Mann present at the Long Lead Press Days at Pixar Studios. Photo by: Marc Flores. ©2015 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

After all of that, we had the chance to try our hand at illustrating our own Arlo.  I’ve always loved to draw, but I don’t think Disney Pixar will come knocking anytime soon, except for any potential written event coverage in the future!  Nonetheless, I had a blast!

My drawing of Arlo from The Good Dinosaur – set to open Thanksgiving 2015 – #GoodDinoEvent #arlo @disneypixar

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Will you be seeing Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur this week?

THE GOOD DINOSAUR - Pictured (L-R): Arlo, Forrest Woodbush (aka: The Pet Collector). ©2015 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Check out this trailer in the meantime:

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Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur opens THIS Wednesday, 11/25!

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