Making Chores Fun With Bingo

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Chore Bingo

More and more people in the UK are expected to play bingo after Chancellor George Osborne’s announcement that the taxes on bingo halls are halved from 20 percent to 10 percent.  According to an article from BBC News, Osborne said the cut was prompted by the decreasing number of bingo halls over the last 30 years. 

As the number of bingo halls plummeted by three quarters, the online bingo industry has achieved outstanding growth in customer numbers. In the first financial quarter of 2014, Gaming Realms, operator for online bingo game Iceland Bingo, has new depositors up by 334 percent while daily depositors are up by 155 percent. Fifty percent of the gaming revenues came from online gaming trends in mobile phones and tablets.

Aside from evolving from bingo halls to playing bingo online, this game has also inspired several aspects in our lives like party themes, entertainment for certain events like bachelorette parties and wedding receptions. Known for its versatility, bingo can also loan itself to different causes naturally. In fact, the University of California has established Healthy Bingo, a game out of integrating healthy habits into our daily lives.

Through bingo, you can also encourage your kids to do chores. Through Chore Bingo, your children will be challenged to do the chores that they usually dislike and will be able to see the potential for rewards.

Make a Chore Bingo card with a 4×4 grid on it for each of your children. In each box of the grid, write down a specific chore. Make sure to vary the complexity of the chores. List down everything from washing the dishes, making their beds, to folding their clothes. Like normal bingo cards, you can leave the middle box empty or to make the game a bit more difficult, you can include a hard chore in the middle part.

Give the cards to your children and tell them to approach you after finishing each chore. Mark each finished chore on the card and once your kid has completed a pattern, you can reward him or her with a small but fun prize. You can also switch different chores to create various patterns.

Doing household chores will never be the same after teaching your kids Chore Bingo!

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