Let’s Potty!! The Potty Training Board Game Review

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Let’s Potty – The Potty Training Board Game Review

When it comes to parenting, everyone has their own idea on how it should be done. Some of us utilize traditional methods of potty training, and others use innovative ways to do so. I recently had the opportunity to review a board game called Let’s Potty. To be perfectly honest, I have looked at the product and have not really employed its use extensively, as my child is still a little too young to understand the concept of going to the bathroom other than in the diaper.
However, for those of you with children that are ready to be potty-trained, the Let’s Potty-The Potty Training Board Game is a light-hearted and humorous way to start your child on the road to being diaper-free. Now as for the board game, it comes with 2 girl characters, 2 boy characters, a game board, and a set of cards. The object of the game is to follow the tissue roll trail all the way to the end. Once at the end, you will encounter the potty.

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The Let’s Potty- The Potty Training Board Game takes a fun approach to learning how and when to use the potty. It is the perfect tool to start the process of learning how to use the potty for waste elimination. This game is to be played with a caregiver, a parent, or older sibling, along with the child who still does not understand the concept of using the potty.

Lets Potty Board Game

This game is a fun and encouraging way to introduce your child to using the potty. Many small children are frightened when they are first placed on a standard household potty. With the Let’s Potty Board Game those fears can disappear somewhat. Your child will feel proud and so will you when they understand the concept and want to try to use a real potty, just like all of the others in the family.

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Check out Let’s Potty-The Potty Training Board Game and see if it is a product that you want to gift to a parent or even get one for yourself. Personally, I think that I will wait another month before I start focusing my attention on trying to get my child potty-trained.
The Let’s Potty Board Game will have the whole family in stitches as each person adds their own personality to each turn of the game.


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