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As a lifelong film and celebrity enthusiast, I can tell you I was absolutely thrilled to be able to be part of the interview with Phyllis Smith and Richard Kind, both part of a tiny Disney Pixar movie called Inside Out.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Inside Out Characters

Of course I was being facetious, but I am not so sure that Phyllis Smith (Sadness) knows the impact she’s had as a key character from Inside Out.  Viewers have told her it’s enjoyable, as well as the fact that it made them cry.  Portraying Sadness, that’s a compliment!

Richard Kind, however, knows it’s P-O-P-U-L-A-R!!  He is neither surprised at the popularity, nor the fit of each voice performance or perfectly written parts for each of them.  Take for example his explanation, he said no one wants to be sad, yet it’s easy to identify with her (Phyllis as Sadness).  He complimented Phyllis, saying that although it’s down in the dumps, it was not depressive.  He felt it was amazing that it was just “simply sad”.

Bing Bong


Phyllis went on to compliment Richard’s character, Bing Bong.  Bing Bong is Riley’s imaginary friend.  She said it best when she said “the heart of that character is just everywhere.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  He came as quite a surprise to me because Bing Bong was not part of any of the previews or promotional events.  Although Richard wanted to be part of certain things, it was the element of surprise that made it even more fun for Bing Bong to be part of this Disney Pixar masterpiece.


You would think that having to portray such an emotion as Sadness that one might be sad or have to think of difficult times in their life.  Not the case with Phyllis Smith.  She just tried to be truthful with her deliverance of each line or scene.  She felt the director, Pete Docter, and the editing team gave good feedback when and where it was needed too.  Richard was quick to concur.  Their feedback was sincerely encouraging and positive rather than demeaning.

Richard Kind felt it was somewhat easy to slip into character.  Describing himself as animated, loud, energetic, nice, positive and living by morals and ethics, he seemed to fit the amount of purity that is Bing Bong.  He gave his heart, as he told us during the interview.

Phyllis Smith Richard Kind

When asked if she had a preference of animation or on screen, Phyllis explained that they are such different and equally challenging processes.  She would love to do more of both, as she is happy in her line of work.  She started out as a dancer, became injured and needed a job to pay her bills, naturally.  She was working as a receptionist when a casting job more or less fell into her lap.  She did that for nineteen years before getting acting gigs.  Richard Kind’s career was quite the opposite.  He tells us he slogged and slogged for years.  Sincerely happy for his co-star, he feels sometimes you just have natural talent and other times you just work harder to get better.

Richard tells us what you take away from this movie, or anything really, is all in how you interpret it.  I would agree with him wholeheartedly.  I really encourage you to get Inside Out as either a digital copy, which is available now, or on Blu-Ray combo pack available November 3rd.

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Enjoy this extended clip, but make sure you pick up a copy or add it to your wishlist!


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