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Not only did I get to meet and interview the cast of Disney’s Live Action Cinderella, but I had the chance to sit down with Frozen Fever directors, Chris Buck (CB) and Jennifer Lee (JL).  (Also known for a little film you may have heard of called Frozen)  Keep in mind you won’t be able to see the new Disney short, Frozen Fever, unless you head to theaters beginning March 13th when Cinderella opens.


 So it’s been a year. How are your lives now?

CHRIS BUCK :    How are our lives now?  Let’s see…

JENNIFER LEE :    We thought they’d be less busy, but they’re not.  So…

CB:  I still buy shirts at TJ Maxx.  Hasn’t changed…

JL : I still find myself going I have to buy another dress?  So.  So yeah.  So nothing’s changed, really.

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CB : Since we first last talked, it’s been overwhelming, the year.  We still get Youtube sent to us.  I mean, I got one just yesterday – mash-ups.  All this kind of stuff.   It doesn’t end. It’s a Claymation thing.  It’s actually very funny.  It’s been overwhelming.  It really has.  Sorry.  We’ll get serious right away. Starting with the Reddit round table.  Reddit round table is where a woman wrote in saying that she was in a bad place and was gonna commit suicide, and saw Frozen and inspired by Elsa and, and her journey, and she said, and I’m still here.  Thank you.

So, you know, we’re overwhelmed by that.  There are autistic kids that watch Frozen that parents tell us they don’t sit still for anything, and they watch Frozen, and they relate to Olaf.  Just a few weeks ago, a friend of ours working at a nursing home, a senior citizen just, she wasn’t really doing much.  And she watched Frozen.  And then she started drawing again.  ‘Cause she used to draw when she was younger.  And she was drawing the Frozen characters.  And just, and her husband was just so grateful she was coming back to life.  So you get those are the stories that we go oh wow.  And that’s how I think our life has changed.  In that regard, we always knew that these films had some influence and power.  But this one certainly I’ve never experienced anything like this.



In the Frozen Fever short, Elsa sneezing is the cutest thing ever. How’d you come up with that idea?  Or who came up with the idea of her sneezing and snowmen come out?

JL :   One of our story artists, he was the head story artist on Frozen.  And we were brainstorming all, whatever could be, you know.  Blue sky.  Anything.  It would be nice to focus on Elsa more, and…  What’s she like now?  I mean, we end the film.  We had this tragic character.  We end the film, she’s free, but we don’t know. But we’d love to play with her magic in a different way, and he just said what if she’s a cold, and the cold wreaks havoc.  And we just went crazy. It got ridiculous at some points.  But we had so much fun.

I have a 4 ½ little twins, boy and a girl, who watch Frozen every single evening.  It’s fantastic. Frozen Fever, it’s like a nice little hors d’oeuvre.  What’s the future of Frozen and Elsa and Anna?  Is there anything else coming up that we should know?

JL :No.  We, we just finished the short, like two weeks ago. But we’re working on the Broadway musical. The directors helped us on Frozen, and we’re helping them on their projects.



In the short, Kristoff finally told Ana that he loves her.  Is that like a little open for a wedding maybe?

Frozen Fever BANNER

JL  :    Hey, you know, I… I’m trying to teach my daughter to take it slow.  So I don’t know.  I’m like, it’s been a year and a half and he finally just said I love you.  So, so I don’t know.

Can you talk about the Broadway musical that’s coming up?

JL : We’re in the very early stages.  I mean, there will be more songs.  Broadway musical tends to have the opposite structure where a film has 20 to 25 minutes of song, and, and the rest is 60 pluses, scenes, and the musical flips that.  So, you know, there’ll be a lot of, great stuff coming, but we’re really just getting started.

Frozen Fever Chris Jennifer

If you could sort of talk about how Frozen Fever’s attached to Cinderella.

JL: Well, I have to say it’s huge for me because my first Disney film was Cinderella.  And then, and once it came on VHS, I think I played it 50, 60 times, and working for Disney was a dream when I was a kid, so to have everything come together and the film, I was blown away by how much it, it was in line with the animated film.  And yet, you know, it went even deeper, and, and it was so beautiful.  So there were a lot of, like, very nostalgic tears last night.

Disney’s live action Cinderella opens March 13, 2015 – Don’t miss it!

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