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It’s not everyday that you can sit down with a director and producer of a major Disney Pixar film.  Although I felt that Peter Docter and Jonas Rivera, director and producer respectively, were very humble, it still felt very exciting to be in their presence.

Let’s just get the elephant in the room taken care of.  Will there be an Inside Out 2?  As Jonas told us, they put five years of their life on Inside Out, which brought great success, both personally and in the entertainment world.  While this dynamic duo did think of what adventures might be awaiting Riley and friends, they are looking forward to something fresh and new.  Having said that, it does not look like a sequel is in the works.


When asked what character they most identify with, they both told us joy, as they feel they’re generally pretty positive people.  Of course, depending on the day it could be any of them, like anger for Pete Docter.  We’ve all been there though.

Inside Out Emotions

Rivera and Docter were both pleasantly surprised with how warmly this movie was received.  They believed in it wholeheartedly, yet never imagined such huge success.  That goes back to them appearing humble, to me.  They’ve even traveled around the world for Inside Out.  Most recently, China, and the residents there loved it which is awesome!


Credit: Jeanette Kaplun, HispanaGlobal.net

I, as well as Docter and Rivera, found fascinating how this movie has made it easier for parents and children, especially those with autism, to talk more freely about their emotions.  Jonas Rivera found it especially powerful when a parent explained to him that their child can come in and pick up the character/emotion they’re most identifying with that day.  Even his own daughter, who’s four years old, understands her feelings.  She will mix and match the character socks she wears if she feels she has more than one feeling happening within her.  Quite the cherry on the top for this producer/dad!

One of my favorite characters is Bing Bong.  He basically represents the parent’s point of view in the struggle to let go of our kids.  You know that feeling, ohh stay little in my arms forever, yet you basically have to let go in order for them to grow and live life.  My children are just starting school and experiencing new things.  While it’s amazing and wonderful to watch all of this take place, it is very hard and sometimes tear-inducing.  I think many parents can relate.

Something Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera hope to bring to fruition Inside Out as part of Disney Parks.  They’ve thought of things like the ‘train of thought’, the ‘stream of consciousness’ and much more!  They’re honored when their movies become live parts of the park, such as Cars Land.   Imagine seeing Joy and Sadness on a future visit!

Here’s a glimpse into one of Riley’s memories!

Inside Out is available on Digital HD now.  It also comes out on Blu-Ray, 11/3.

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