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Have you or someone you know ever experienced trying times due to medical issues?  It can understandably be a scary and overwhelming time.  The unknown about what costs it will bring, who will help take care of the kids, where the mortgage payment is going to come from, if your time off from work will be approved to take care of yourself or the sick family member.

Of course, there are all different medically related things we all may go through.  Never lessening the severity of yours, mine or the next person’s – they are all terrifying and can leave you just beside yourself, not asking for the help you may need.

Earlier this year, I had to have my gall bladder removed.  I was in such excruciating pain the very next day, that my doctor did a direct admit to the hospital.  I ended up staying there two weeks and had quite a long road of recovery ahead of me.  I still do actually, but am very happy to report that I feel much better than I did.  The best part of all of it is that I am alive.  My doctor was not sure I’d make it a couple of times during surgery.  I have scars that will forever be a reminder of the chaos that ensued but I will happily wear them!

I had been readmitted because remaining gallstones had pushed into my pancreas causing pancreatitis.  I do not remember a lot because I was so heavily medicated and just not myself during that time.  It was awful.  I could not be with my children who are 3 and 4 years old.  My husband didn’t know what to tell the kids if it became worse than anyone could ever imagine.  My husband’s work told him it was not catatastrophic enough to be off.  Me laying in the hospital not knowing if I was coming home was not catastrophic enough.  If it were not for the generosity of my in-laws taking care of my children during that uncertain time, friends and even just kind acquaintances offers to make a meal, give us a gift card to help with things, offer to watch the kids if needed, prayers, positive thoughts – you name it – I don’t know how we would have gotten through.  Sure, the bills are just now rolling in after insurance but that is the least of my worries (at times).


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We were afraid to ask for help, maybe a little too proud or just plain busy, but that should not be how it is.  That is why I am happy to share with you, GiveForward.   They are the world’s #1 medical fundraising website, certainly not slowing in growth either. They’ve helped thousands of people raise millions of dollars to help cover out-of-pocket medical expenses in a time of need.  At any given time, you may see over 8,000 active fundraisers going on with the help of a dedicated fundraising coach.  To date, over $100 million has been raised to assist individuals and families in need.  99.5% of all funds raised go directly to the family needing it.  The small fees subtracted go to GiveForward as a standard way of helping to maintain their coaches and members who help the daily operations.

You can also check out the ambassador program for GiveForward in order to be part of something meaningful and heartwarming.

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