Free Valentine’s Day Printables

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Free Valentine's printables


Love, friendship, family, flowers, chocolate and love notes. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, isn’t it? This holiday is a perfect occasion to show your loved ones how much you adore them and spend quality time with them sharing some Valentine’s Day joy. And what better way to do that, but to prepare gifts and organize fun activities that will involve all family members and friends? These lovable Valentine’s printables will surely come in quite handy in spreading the holiday spirit.

Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts

Instead of buying gifts, isn’t it much more thoughtful to make one for each of your Valentines? The fact that you took the time to make a gift will make it more apparent to your loved ones how much you care about them. If you’re a gardener or have a strong interest in gardening, one idea is to pluck some flowers from your garden and make a bouquet. Wrap it up in cellophane or decorating paper, write a sweet message on one of the Valentine’s label designs and apply it on the bouquet. Or, maybe an even better gift idea for your flower-loving Valentine would be to plant the flower in a pot, so it will remind them of you in the years ahead.

If they love chocolate (and honestly, who doesn’t love chocolate?), an easy and obvious idea is to bake heart-shape chocolate cookies. When they’re done, just put them in a goodie bag and apply the “You’re my sweetheart” printable label. Your Valentines will enjoy both the message and delicious cookies.

You can also use this idea for your kids’ and their friends’ school snack. If you want to send your kids to school with these sweet presents so they can pass them out to their friends, a great idea is to include them in the preparation process. You can bake the cookies and they can pack and decorate them with labels. Thinking up appropriate messages for their friends will surely entertain them.

Another neat gift idea for those good with words is to create a poem. Write it down on one of the labels and put it in your Valentine’s mailbox. It’s classic and fresh at the same time. A poem is actually a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

A great thing about all these Valentine’s Day gift ideas is that they will surely save you money.

Fun Valentine’s Day Activities

Whether you’re hosting a Valentine’s event or going to someone else’s party, organizing fun activities can be a good way to spend quality time with your loved ones. If you’re not into crafting, you can play fun games such as “What I like about you”, for example. Just print out a few sheets of these Valentine’s printables, cut them out and give each person a few labels and a pencil. Call out the name of one of your friends/family members, ask everyone to write it down on their label and then to add something they love about that person. Fold the label and throw it in a bowl. Then do the same for everyone. When you’ve written something for each person, start pulling out the labels and read the notes out aloud. This is an appropriate game for Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

Just download these fun label designs and let February 14th be filled with love and laughter.
Your loved ones will surely appreciate the effort you’ve put into making them feel special.

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