Keeping the Spark Alive When Life Happens… to Your Marriage

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The last few months have been hectic, to say the least, for our household.  Our children have been sick, my husband’s hours at work have been very random – never the same each day, I’ve been extremely stressed and overwhelmed… all resulting in less time together as a couple because, well, life happens.

One thing I can say is, even if there’s less quantity, quality is what really matters.  That probably sounds so corny, but if you are in a meaningful or long-term relationship, then you know how true it is.


My husband and I have been together for 14 years, married for 10 1/2, plus we have two young children.  Let’s just get real here and say that certain things get put on the back burner when everything else gets chaotic and overwhelming in life.  I’m sure my marriage is not the only one that hits road bumps like that.  However, I want to keep them just that — road bumps — and not permanent or lengthy break downs.

There are many things that can keep the spark alive in a marriage.  It could be as simple as scheduling a date night (c0mplete with selfie, as documented in our above photo), getting groceries together, going out shopping or even bringing something tasteful and fun into the bedroom.  Hey, don’t knock it.


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