Febreze Noseblind Review & Giveaway #NoseBlind

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Do you smell that?  No, not that.  THAT.  You don’t??  Well, my husband says I have a nose like a bloodhound.  I probably ask him to take out the garbage more than he’d like and he says I am not even the nagging kind of wife!

Whether it’s the kids’ diapers, onions cut up for taco night or those disgusting meat papers from buying chicken & beef at the grocery store, there are more unpleasant smells than I can handle.  I don’t think I’ve become used to too many smells and odors, but one person I’d call noseblind would be my husband.  He is just happy to go about his day or night, never smelling any residue from dinner, kids messes or the normal household odors.  I don’t know how he doesn’t smell the things I do.  I work from home and also take care of our children.  You’d think I’d be the one not able to smell things because there are many days where I don’t leave the house.  Nope, not noseblind.  Just my husband is ~ he comes and goes for work, running to the store for milk, etc.  He says he doesn’t even smell the things I do upon entering the house.  Okay, whatever.  Just please take the garbage out!  Thank you. 🙂
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We invited my in-laws over recently for a movie night with the kids.  We had your normal candy, fruit punch, bottled water, and of course, popcorn!  Popcorn tastes delicious and is a great snack to traditionally have while watching a movie.  The smell does, however, linger!  We finished watching the movie and were sitting around talking.  I could still smell the popcorn after almost 2 hours later.  Maybe it was just me, but I was tired of the smell taking over.  I needed to spray some Febreze and fast!  I used the aerosol Febreze Meadows & Rain scented spray.  It was such a pretty, clean, pleasant smell. It was great to be able to sit around talking and not inhale popcorn every breath.

What smells bother you?  Do you use any air fresheners or neutralizers? What’s your favorite scent?

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  1. Elaina Conard

    Pet Smells are the worst in my house.

  2. Lisa Brown says:

    i can’t stand the odor of cooked red meat and pop corn

  3. Mary Happymommy says:

    I don’t like cigarette smell! Thankfully none of us smoke.

  4. Stephanie says:

    i hate pet smells

  5. Julie Wood says:

    I do not like the smell of fish after it has cooked. I do not like the smell of Cigarettes either or stinky shoes.

  6. TrippyCusp93

    I hate the smell of the kitty litter box the most…..it can be terrible and we’ll have just cleaned it out!! Our fur babies can be stinky! lol

  7. kim burnett says:

    What bothers me the mose is trash odors!

  8. Kitchen waste bothers me the most.

  9. Maria Malaveci

    The smell of our garbage can in the house

  10. Garbage can smell.

  11. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I have five dogs and three cats, and while wet dog and litter box smell aren’t my favorites, the smell that gets me the most is the smell my husband leaves in the bathroom after he’s hybernated there for an hour…..

  12. Marti Tabora says:

    My dog’s smell bothers me a lot and I work hard to get rid of it. I love my dog, but he can be smelly.

  13. Laurie Nykaza

    I have 4 cats 3 dogs so pet smells bother all of us the most.

  14. Jordan says:

    I definitely don’t like the smell of burnt food.

  15. Andrea Williams says:

    The sweaty gym sock smell that seems to be constant in my boys room.

  16. Nicole Dz says:

    The smell the bothers me the most is when I cook fish in the house and the odor that stays behind afterwards. YUCK!

  17. Kristi reno

    I would have to say the smell I dislike the most is my sons feet/shoes.

  18. amy pugmire says:

    yucky stinky sweaty dirty feet.

  19. Heather Hayes-Panjon says:

    The Smell Of Pet Odors.

  20. D Schmidt says:

    The scent of my kittens litter tray is bothersome

  21. Stephanie OMalley says:

    The stuffy/feet smell of my teenagers room

  22. Amy Orvin

    Cat litter box odors bother me and kitchen food smells.

  23. Amy Orvin

    Instagram follower: @amyorvin

  24. Seyma Shabbir says:

    The smell of onions and garlic after cooking!

  25. soha molina says:

    Fish smell is the worst.

  26. Kim D. says:

    I can’t stand the smell of trash.

  27. Elena says:

    the cat litter box smell

  28. Jessica Snow says:

    My husbands work clothing hamper. Yuck!
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

    • I hear ya on that one! I know my husband works hard but whoa in the summertime especially!!

      You’re welcome Jessica!! 🙂

  29. courtney b says:

    animal pee disturbs the hell out of me! it drives me insane because the smell never comes out!

  30. Em Mahr

    I absolutely hate the stench of my boys sweaty sporting gear!

  31. Angela Y says:

    Pet odors and garbage odors bother me.

  32. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    People smelling bad is the worst. I guess some people don’t shower regularly.

  33. wen budro says:

    Well….the mother of all horrible smells happened when my dog rolled in some dead moose at the beach. I’ve never smelled anything so gag inducing in my life.

  34. Kristen says:

    Pet odors are the worst.

  35. amanda whitley says:

    i hate the smell of the cat little box and dirty diapers equally!

  36. Thomas Murphy says:

    Pet odors bother me the most.

  37. CR WIlliams says:

    I would have to say my garbage.

  38. Heather Dawn

    Pet odors, especially wet dog!

  39. Ashley H says:

    I hate fish smells.

  40. Claudia says:

    The smell of dirty clothes,and burned food, Thank you!

  41. Claudia says:

    Email subscriber with email
    nclaudia25 at yahoo dot com

  42. Tabathia B says:

    A stinky garbage can

  43. Sheila K. says:

    The smell of cat urine is the worst!

  44. I hate the smell of “guy!”
    Sam B. recently posted..Drop Unwanted Pounds with Shake the Crave {Review + Samples}My Profile

  45. Cynthia R says:

    Fishy smells and the smell of cat pee bothers me.

  46. Donna L says:

    I don’t like old cooking odors.

  47. I love the smell of frebreez. Hate the smell of dogs/cats when it takes over your whole house.
    Dawn recently posted..Is It Ok to Judge Others?My Profile

  48. Jessica To says:

    I can’t stand the smell of stinky and rotting garbage.

  49. Pet odors are the worse!
    Deb K recently posted..Nutrition On-The-Go With Honey Bunches of Oats Review!My Profile

  50. Cat litter box.

  51. Ellie W says:

    Pet odors bother me the most.

  52. James Robert says:

    Litter box odors from our 2 cats. We try to keep it clean but odors linger

  53. Kelly D says:

    Old furniture/musty smells bother me.

  54. janetfaye says:

    Pet smells bother me the most.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  55. Ashley C says:

    Fish is the scent that bothers me the most


  56. The dog and kitty box!
    kayla willis recently posted..Paying It Forward With Ebates – 2014 #givingbackpack #ebatesMy Profile

  57. christine j says:

    pet odors can be strong and gross.

  58. Dianne Hall says:

    The cat box smell.

  59. David Fultner says:

    I hate that wet dog smell.

    • We don’t have pets, but I definitely agree with you, David. It is certainly a distinguishable and really gross smell.

  60. Courtnie says:

    The odor from the litter box is the worst.

  61. kelly g says:

    the smell of dog bothers me the most

  62. Kenny Hall says:

    I hate the smell of garbage! bleck.

  63. meredith says:

    I hate the smell of cat litter

  64. Pets, mildew, burnt popcorn

  65. THRansom says:

    The Cat Litter Box!!!

  66. tammy shelton says:

    What I dislike the most is the smell generated from my Grandson’s football practice stuff.

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