5 Reasons You Should Plan a Family Vacation to Hershey, PA

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Disclosure: I received a weekend of press accommodations at various Hershey attractions. Regardless, all opinions are my own.


Now that our children are older and can appreciate a family-friendly vacation and our careers are going well, my husband and I have talked about where we might take our first family vacation this year.  Honestly, it’s really an easy choice — Hershey, PA!! I had no idea there was so much to do, no matter what time of the year, at Hershey.

We’re thinking it will be closer to the holiday season (next year) when we go, but I found it so neat that there would be plenty to do during the warmer months, as well.


  1. The historic beauty all around you.  I had the pleasure of taking a trolley ride while I was in Hershey and learned so much about Milton S. Hershey’s passion for what he did in life.  You will learn fun facts about chocolate all the way to the inspirational story about the school for underprivileged youth. Pictured above is one of the homes Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Hershey shared. 12301760_10153258105047308_9071296958468528755_n
  2. Hersheypark rides!  I am more of a low-key girl when it comes to rides and amusement parks.  The fun part of Hersheypark is that there are rides for all adventure levels and something to do for everyone. 12347587_10153258096802308_4953016740492182419_n
  3. Lodging during the summer months does not have to be in a tent out in the middle of nowhere.  There are some pretty amazing and clean cabins on site.  Believe it or not, there are porches, grills, picnic tables, dvd players, bunk beds…and more, all within your own personal cabin.  Personally, as long as I can shower, I am sold!
  4. On site entertainment and amenities don’t have to be fancy, nor far, while you’re at the cabins.  Inside this former barn, you will find a general store, laundry area, and family fun center! 12341508_10153258097312308_1989348589030640759_n
  5. Let’s be honest… The kids are going to be worn out from the FUN that is Hershey! If your spouse is anything like mine, he will be snoozing right along with them during naptime.  As much as I would benefit from a nap, I also enjoy some quiet time.  Moms (and even some dads) can benefit from that.  It allows us to recharge and just feel a little more human, if you ask me.  With that said, I recommend booking some sort of treatment at the Hershey Spa.  You can get something as simple as a pedicure, or go big with an entire massage, mani/pedi…the works!


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