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With my children’s, especially my son’s, sensitive skin, I am always on the lookout for a product that will not only get the day’s dirt and fun off, but be gentle as well.  When I was introduced to the EverydayHappy line, I thought, “How are these going to be any different from what I’ve been buying?!”

I am pleased to say that these products have such a pleasant scent, lightly though which I can appreciate so they’re not overwhelming.  I love how clean the hand soap makes me feel as I work around in my kitchen, needing to wash in between handling foods or dishes.

EDH Soap And Lotion


I am extremely satisified with the laundry soap.  My daughter (surprisingly not my sensitive skinned son!) has stopped saying her skin was itchy since we switched to this company.  That is a big relief to me!  I’ve tried three other kinds this year alone with no luck.  It is safe for my family’s skin and my HE washer.  Both awesome in my book!

I feel the need to preface my opinion on the feel of the lotion with the fact that I am picky about the way lotions or moisturizers feel on my skin. With that said, I felt like it left my hands a little sticky.  However, I loved the scent, the way it made my skin feel soft once it soaked in and that I only needed a little bit to moisturize my hands, arms or legs.

Perhaps my favorite item was the dual shampoo and body wash.  One stop shopping for your kiddo’s bath time!  Keeping the same pleasant scent, non-irritating formula and clean feeling as well.

EDH Bath And Body

To get your own samples of this ecofriendly, affordable baby care, please visit the EverydayHappy Free Trial Page.  You will need to pay shipping and handling, but I am confident you will really like the products.

I am also proud to tell you that EverydayHappy is certified cruelty free by PETA, is a proud supporting member of the Organic Trade Association and honored to be a UNICEF partner.  Not only are you taking care of your children, but you’re providing for our planet and sprinkling some happiness on others as well.  Such a great feeling, right?!

EverydayHappy ​is the result of an intense collaboration between a diverse team of moms and dads wanting nothing but the best for their kids and our planet. They put all of their energy into researching, testing and refining EverydayHappy products, then did it all over again until they were satisfied. Established in 2013, the company strives to make healthy, sustainable living easy and affordable.

EveryDay Happy

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Disclosure: I received an EverydayHappy review package in exchange for an honest review.  Regardless, I only feature items I feel will be of interest to my readers or that they will benefit from. 


  1. Diana

    Extremely unhappy with their return and exchange policy their customer service also leaves so much to be desired. I got a kit and wanted to exchange it since I had too many of the size they sent which by the way they sent me a size 2 even though I never selected that size. K called customer service and the rep said she did not have the authorization to make an exchange she needed a supervisor which was busy at the moment and would call me back… couple days past no call I went to labor and did not follow up having a newborn at home well their exchange policy is only good for 10 days… the supervisor never called back I did not follow up and now I have hundreds of diapers I won’t be able to use….

    • Hi Diana,

      I am sorry you’ve had a bad experience. I am not employed by them, therefore cannot appropriately rectify the situation. I hope all goes well with your future shopping experiences, in general.


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