Ease Your Mind When Buying Your Next Car

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  Regardless, it is a sincere account of an event in my family’s life.

There are so many important questions and things to think about when buying your next car. What color do you want?  2-door or 4-door?  Standard or automatic? There are so many important questions and things to think about when buying your next car. It’s one of the biggest purchases in someone’s life.  If you’re like me, you’ve never had a brand new car.  It’s new to us and that’s okay!

So what do you do to prepare for this life event?  I will tell you what we did.  Our last purchase was somewhat rushed because our only vehicle, at the time, was on its way out and we just couldn’t afford to have it nickel and dime us to death versus purchasing a newer one.  It just made more sense to bite the bullet and get a better one.

As quickly as we could, we looked at some dealerships, the newspapers, dealer websites and nothing struck us as something we wanted to count on for our family to ride in.  Then, my mother-in-law actually suggested checking out Cars.com in order for us to get an idea of what else was out there and how much more we could learn about the vehicle we may be purchasing before heading to the dealership.

What I love about Cars.com is that you can search right on their site for the make and model, new or used, which location you want to go to, the max cost you can afford, you name it – you can search for it! Let’s not forget you can even see videos and reviews while on there!  I truly love being able to do things like that from the privacy of my own home without feeling like there’s a clock ticking for closing time and no one is pressuring me at that very moment to pick what I want because they want the sale.

As I mentioned above, it was suggested to try out their site by my mother-in-law. Once we did, we felt we had a better handle on things and walked into one of our local dealerships feeling confidently prepared.  We knew what we wanted and what would work for our family.  We stood firm while being realistic and open to what may arise along the way inside the dealership. Fast forward three years later and we are still happy with our purchase.

I hope you will try out Cars.com knowing I have had a great experience!

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