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Did you know you could get breakfast items, in addition their regular menu, all day at Dunkin’ Donuts?  Since February 29th, the GranDDe Burrito has helped to kick off all-day breakfast! The GranDDe Burrito is a large, 10-ounce, breakfast burrito that really brings bold flavor to the table any time of day.

Imagine a busy day where, before you know it, it’s nearly 11 a.m. and you’ve yet to eat breakfast!  Why not swing by your local Dunkin’ Donuts and pick up a GranDDe Burrito with hashbrowns and a coffee.  You’ll soon be sinking your teeth into that soft tortilla shell complete with a spicy omelet that has jalapenos, red bell peppers and pepper jack cheese with habanero inside. As if that weren’t enough, it also has a rice and bean blend that also contains corn, fire-roasted peppers and onions. It’s available in sausage or vegetarian varieties at a Dunkin’ Donuts shop near you.

GranDDe Burrito

The previously mentioned scene is all too familiar in my life.  Once I get the kids off to school, husband off to work and am able to finally breathe, it’s not really a typical breakfast time anymore.  That doesn’t mean my taste buds have adjusted to the next meal time, though.  While some people may be enjoying a sandwich or soup, I am still in breakfast mode.  I love that I can pick up a tasty new item, allowing me to eat breakfast whenever I want or am finally able to.  Even better is that I can add-on Dunkin’ Donuts hash browns.  They’re lightly seasoned, deliciously crispy and pair well with any breakfast sandwich, especially the new GranDDe Burrito!!

About Dunkin’ Donuts All-Day Menu:
• Dunkin’ Donuts is committed to menu innovation, giving guests even more choices, with the same great taste, quality and value that they expect.
• In our 24/7 world, consumers want what they want, when they want it. We are seeing breakfast permeate through the entire day and Dunkin’ Donuts is a great destination for on-the-go people who want a quick bite or a meal any time of day. Breakfast is not just for breakfast any more.
• We know that our guests don’t always have time to sit down and enjoy a complete meal, and that they may be eating at unconventional hours in a clockless day, so we have continued to create menu options that provide delicious choices they can enjoy anywhere, at any time of day.


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