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For me to be giving a film review about Disney’s Live Action Cinderella almost doesn’t even feel real.  I wanted to be part of this amazing opportunity for so many reasons, one being that Cinderella is my all time favorite Disney princess.  I never told anyone I wanted to go on this fairy tale adventure, except my husband.  I figured if it was meant to be, it would happen.  I am so happy and grateful that it did.

Before I say what I feel, I have to say that I know we all have ‘stuff’ we have gone through or may continue to face as we work to better ourselves or improve our lives.  Now with that being said, I feel like there are so many times in my life I’ve felt like Cinderella.

Although I did not grow up in the same house with them, I have a stepmom and 2 stepsisters.  I will say that they are not evil.  I also feel like there are many days of my life that I wanted to be rescued.  Not that I couldn’t have saved myself from the environment I was in, growing up, but I guess the romantic side of me (albeit somewhat small at times) wanted to just fall in love with and be rescued by someone that would accept me, faults and all, as I would him.  In 2002, I was lucky enough to have that happen.  There’s so much more to my ‘story’, if you will.  But that’s not exactly why you’re here.  I’ll save that for a rainy day of more personal blog posts.

So what did I think of the movie…?

Cinderella Prince Swing

Simply put, I LOVED IT.  L-O-V-E-D it.  So much so, that I am most likely at the theater, with my tickets I bought nearly a week ago, watching it with my daughter as you read this.  Or maybe I am there alone – it’s that good.

I am happy to say that the live action version was kept very true to the animated version we all have burned into our brain.  I don’t know about you, but I am not always a fan of movies that are remade.  Nothing could be further from the truth of that opinion I have when it comes to this version of Cinderella.  Although it stays faithful to the storyline I grew up with, it is amazing to see it brought to life without the animation.

I wish I could tell you SO much more about it, even if ‘spoilers’ wouldn’t ruin it, but it’s just so magical that I don’t want to divulge too much.   The way the story is told, how wonderful the characters are portrayed and even just the beautiful scenery, are breathtaking and just lovely.  If you don’t get lost in their accents, costumes, scenes or the sweet and convincing love of Lily James (Cinderella) and Richard Madden (the prince), then you may not have been watching the same movie that I did.

In the beginning of the movie, it gives a little more insight into what Cinderella’s biological mother was like and what exactly happened to her.  It felt like questions were answered after all of these years.  I always knew something sad had happened, but seeing it in this film just added a piece to the puzzle that I felt was missing.

Cinderella Stepsisters

When her father unexpectedly passes away, Cinderella’s stepmother becomes her guardian.  Cinderella is left to take care of everything around the house, as well as everyone, including her two stepsisters.

Cinderella Prince Horses

However, things begin to change when Cinderella meets a dashing young man in the woods, while riding her horse one day.  Fast forward to the ball, where all maidens were called to attend, and they are literally inseparable that love filled evening.   Watching Ms. James and Mr. Madden on screen was very intense.  Yes, it is a fairy tale and the movie is safe for any age, but what I mean by intense is that they really sell the beautiful love that they will soon be living happily ever after in.  It is so authentic that I just could not take my eyes off of them.  It really pulled me in.

Cinderella Ball

I have to add that Helena Bonham Carter was simply magical as the Fairy Godmother.  It would be hard for me to envision someone else in that role. She was perfect- beautiful, quirky and fun.

Helena Bonham Carter

As for the stepmother, Cate Blanchett was easy to dislike in that role.  It was as if each role had shoes to fill (pun intended) and no one but the actors or actresses who tried them on, could have worn them better.  I found part of me identifying with her as well.  Towards the end of the movie, her dark past was explained.  It gave light as to why she’s the woman she is today.

I am not condoning her behavior, but it does help you to understand things a bit more.  She’s had some bumps along the way on the road of life.  It hardened her, when maybe it could have helped her learn and exhibit compassion.  I think we’ve all had things happen that darken our days or heart for a period of time, but you just have to work through it and release the negative energy eventually.  It does no one, especially yourself, any good.  Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s stepmother, just couldn’t get past those obstacles.

Cate Blanchett

Overall, I absolutely loved it.  I did not once find myself wishing I were anywhere else.  As I mentioned, it was easy to get lost in the beautiful accents, wardrobe, convincing love and just the story itself.  Oh and the music!  I can’t forget the music.  While driving to get groceries last night, I had the soundtrack turned right up in my mom mobile (aka minivan).  It is calming and lovely.  I don’t care what genre of music you tend to lean towards – there is just something about the soundtrack that you’ll find captivating.

Disney’s live action Cinderella is in theaters NOW – Don’t miss it!

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