Crum Creek Mini Breadsticks – Great Back to School Snack!

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It’s time to head back to school, so grab your backpacks, pack those lunchboxes and head out the door!  But don’t forget to make lunch fun with Crum Creek snacks!  They are perfect for a snack at lunch or even after school.


Exclusively by Crum Creek Mills… Pack them in lunchboxes, or set them out in a bowl within everyone’s reach. Here’s a perfect munch food; healthful, convenient, single-served and we have to admit, a bit addictive. Great for work, home, school or play.  I love that they are higher in protein and lower in carbs, plus are a complete protein on their own.


There are so many ways to enjoy Crum Creek Mills Soy Bites. They’re delicious on their own, of course. You can also use them for dipping hummus, light cream cheese, a bit of peanut butter, jelly or whatever else you like.  Available in FOUR incredible flavors: Remarkable Rosemary and Garlic, Superb Sesame, Outrageous Onion and Everything! (A scrumptious blend of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, garlic and salt). Get yours today! 

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