Crum Creek Mills Soy Bites Review

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Do you enjoy snacking?  I definitely do.  Probably more than I should if I am being honest.  Do you get tired of the same old snacks every time you go to the store?  Me too.


I was really excited to try out Crum Creek Mills Soy Bites recently.  I love cracker or crunchy type munchies. So as soon as I got the box in the mail, I ripped it open and no lie – I tried a couple of each snack sticks.

Soy Bites 2

I received Superb Sesame, Everything variety, Onion, as well as Rosemary & Garlic.  Sesame was my favorite, with ‘Everything’ coming in right behind it.  I did not care for Onion and Rosemary & Garlic, but I feel that is just a personal preference of taste. If you’re looking for a quick, delicious, healthy snack made of soy, this is for you!  I think they’d be perfect to stick in your desk drawer at work, your child’s lunch or just munch on the go in the car.

Our Crum Creek Mills delightful Soy Bites were created by Ara Yeramyan, PhD, a gourmet cook and scientist with a passion for inventing delicious, nutritious foods. He created our Crum Creek Mills soy products out of his kitchen, making the everyday foods you love even better.

If you’d like to give Crum Creek a try, visit their website and enter USFG50 at checkout for a savings of 50%

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