Child Identity Theft, The Fastest Growing US Crime

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Child Identity Theft,  The Fastest Growing US Crime*

No time for that!!!

Think of one of your typical days as a parent.
Wake up in the AM.
Get the kids ready for school.
Pack lunches.
Get yourself ready for whatever the day brings.
Go to the grocery store.
Run errands.
Make dinner.
Feed the pets.
Do laundry.
Help with homework.
Get kids ready for bed.
Go to sleep.

Then you get up and do it all over again. Rinse, wash, repeat.

You don’t really have any extra time to waste. Now on top of your regular day, imagine this, your 18 year old son or daughter is applying to college. He/She finds out that his or her identity was stolen when she was 6 years old. There is a devastating trail of destruction, bad credit ratings and debt to clean up. Where do you even begin? Who do you call? What do you do about the bad credit and debt that is due?

This identity thief has been using your child’s social security number for 12 years! We don’t usually worry about our children’s social security numbers because our children’s SSNs cannot be used LEGALLY used until our children are old enough to get a job or 18 to apply for a credit card or college loan.

“Legally” being the important word here. Hackers are one step ahead of this one. They are now creating “synthetic” identities using a child’s real SSN along with a fake name and date of birth. Hackers illegal use of children’s SSN goes undetected for years!!!

Identity theft recovery can cost a lot of money and consume hours, days if not weeks to clean up. The worst part about it is that identity fraud is typically discovered when someone is applying for some sort of credit of our own. That comes to a halt pretty quickly when a loan officer sees all of the damage that has been done to what should be a completely clean social security number.

Yes, eventually it may be cleaned up but maybe not in time to qualify for the college loan your child was hoping for.

A Connecticut company, Identity Protection Planning LLC, could have been very valuable in the above situation. The company was founded by Dana Mantilia Coady. Dana is a business woman with 3 of her own children along with 4 additional step children. Protecting family member’s identities from illegal use is very near and dear to her heart. Identity Protection Planning was developed to focus on educating, organizing, and protecting families from identity theft. There is a real need to help educate parents on the risks associated with both adult and child identity theft. Identity Protection Planning offers IDENTRON identity theft protection plans.

For roughly 80¢ a day a family of four will be protected. Identron provides the most comprehensive family identity theft protection available on the market today. The Identron Parent Plan provides complete protection for 1 adult and up to 4 children. See why Identron is different from any other identity theft protection company:

Author’s Bio:” Dana Mantilia lives in Connecticut. She is a Mom, wife and business entrepreneur. Dana has earned status as a Certified Identification Protection Advisor from the Identity Management Institute. While researching and educating herself on the increasing risks associated with identity theft, she realized how prevalent child identity theft is. After speaking with hundreds of everyday parents Dana recognized a lack of child identity theft awareness. She developed Identity Protection Planning LLC, a company that focuses on educating, organizing and protecting all family members (including minor children) from identity theft.

*According to the Federal Trade Commission

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