Cell Phone Tips and Tricks

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For the longest time, I didn’t know about all of the shortcuts I could take on my mobile phone.  I love learning about all sorts of cell phone tips and tricks! It’s nice to be able to really know your phone.  What kind of phone do you have?  What cell phone tips and tricks could you tell me?

Cellphone Tips and Tricks


  • Charging your phone can take forever, especially if you’re in a hurry. Here are some ways that you can preserve your battery as well as charge your phone at a faster rate.
    • Airplane Mode
      • Setting your phone to airplane mode will charge it twice as fast as it normally would. Airplane mode shuts off all of the background items that are running and allows the phone to charge quicker.
    • Battery Saving Mode
      • Every phone has some sort of battery saving mode that can be turned on and off. Newer models have better setting in these modes than older ones, but they work none the less. The battery saving modes will do things such as auto dim your screen whenever possible (through your light sensor), and keep keys and your screen lit up for shorter amounts of time when it senses that it is not in use. These small things save your battery from draining fast.
    • App Folders
      • Having trouble finding those apps that you know are on your phone but are mixed in with all of the others on five different home screens? Create app folders. This can be done on both Androids and IPhones and will save you time when looking for certain things. For example, if you have children’s apps scattered throughout your phone you can create a folder and label it “Kids”. Move all of the apps they frequently use into that folder and you will have easy access to all of them at once.
      • Check out these tutorials;
        • Moving apps on top of each other. (Android)
        • From Menu Button (Android)
        • IPhone
        • Mobile Data.
          • Mobile data is most likely one of the most costly items on cell phone bills these days. Many companies offer unlimited data, but have a secret cap that you will only find out about if you go over and get charged ridiculous amounts, or read the super fine print in your contract. If you need to start conserving your mobile data, there are a few ways to go about it.
          • Shut It Off! If your phone can connect to Wi-Fi, you can shut off your mobile data. The only thing that won’t work when you do this is sending and receiving multimedia messages. It will then only connect to Wi-Fi rather than eating up your data playing games and watching videos on your phone.
          • Set Up Data Alerts. You can set up data alerts on just about any phone. This is done in the phones settings and allows you to set a max and warnings when you’re getting close so that you know to conserve your data until your bill cycle starts over.
        • Teach Siri Pronunciations (IPhones)
          • Teach Siri the correct pronunciations by saying “That’s not how you pronounce ________” when something is said incorrectly. She will then give you options on how to pronounce it and let you choose the correct pronunciation.
        • Screenshots (Any device)
          • By holding down the power and center menu button at the same time on just about all recent models of cell phones, this will take a screen shot. Some phones that are newer on the market work by simply swiping your hand across the screen as well. (This is a feature more known to the line of Galaxy devices.)


  1. I didn’t know about the Airplane Mode trick. I turn off touch sound and animations to extend the battery.

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