BTS Backpack #PayItForward Event 2013

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Last year I was chosen as one of many bloggers to participate in a BTS (Back to School) Pay It Forward event.  This year, I am thrilled to be part of the event again!  Not only did I get more than the minimum goal of items, I saved a lot despite only using one coupon and most importantly was able to make it a little easier on not only 1, but 2 families this school year by giving back.  I’ve always loved the feeling of giving back or paying it forward, so being part of events like this is just a good feeling in general.  This is not about me at all, but I have to say that when you know what it’s like to be on the receiving end at one point in time and then to be able to reciprocate, that just makes you feel really good in your heart.

I was not sure who I’d be paying it forward to this year but I knew I wanted to be on board.  I had one family in mind but they were already prepared for back to school.  Sadly, a few days later I had a new family that I knew I wanted to help.  A classmate from all my years in school and her family had a housefire.  They lost everything. Everything.  I cannot even imagine the shock, stress, sadness and any other crazy emotion they went and will undoubtedly, continue to go through.  I know they have a lot of people behind them and a lot of people wanting nothing but happiness and good things for them.  I am not speaking from experience, but I have no doubt they will get through this and continue to prosper.

The clock was ticking and I knew I had to get shopping for this event.  I was pretty excited when I received a coupon in the mail for Peebles, a department store here in Athens, PA.  I planned to get the backpack to fill there.  Then I knew I’d go to Kmart for school supplies because you can earn points on your Shop Your Way Rewards card  and redeem them as cash applied to your next purchase.  When I went into Peebles, the store employee showed me where the backpacks were.  I chose one that was pretty cool looking and I thought would make a little boy happy.  When he started ringing me up, we were both shocked that it came up 50% off!  He asked what I wanted to do in order to apply my coupon.  That answer was easy – get another backpack!  This time I picked out one that was a cute, girly print with hearts all over it.  I walked out of there with a smile on my face because now I knew I was able to help not one, but two families.  Drive up the road and follow me to Kmart!  I didn’t have coupons for this trip, but made out really well there too.  I was able to get pencils, notebooks, folders, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, crayons, pencil sharpeners and travel packs of tissues.

Peebles trip:
(2) backpacks at $14.99 each at 50% off = $7.49 each  I used $10 off $10 store coupon that I received in the mail which brought each one down to $2.49 I paid $5.28 for both including tax (my tax is 6%)

 Kmart trip:
Most items averaged $1-$2 (and change).   I bought 2 of everything to make it fair and stay within my sponsored budget.
I didn’t use coupons remember – but there were some sales.
I paid $23.39 for enough items to put in 2 backpacks.

BTS Backpack #PayItForward Event 2013 totals:

  • Total Spent: $28.67
  • Total Saved: $31.86
  • Total Sponsored: $25.00
  • Total OOP(Out Of Pocket): $3.67

I personally didn’t care how much it cost me “out of my own pocket”, but I am happy I got so much for such a great (and low) amount.  Do you participate in feel good events such as this?

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