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Bling Cellular


If you are like most people you want something that makes your cellular stuff stand out from all the rest. I know that I definitely do not want my stuff getting mixed up with someone else’s. I often have the habit of taking my mobile accessories in the car and really wanted something that distinguished them from other similar shaped items that I own.

Likely Bling Cellular sent me a couple of their products to review. I received the green glitter bling for iPhone4 which included a 2 piece set. It consisted of one wall charging dock, and one iPhone charging cable. The charging cable is approximately 38 inches in length.

I am so happy that the mobile accessories that Bling Cellular sent me are a light, almost Lime Green color.  Now when I go into the car or mall with my iPhone 4,  my charger has bling and defines my character and personality. I also love the way it glitters in the sun.

The second product was for me to use while using my handheld devices. This one is so posh and beautiful. The product is a pink and crystal swirl bling with rhinestones tablet stylus pen. It is very lightweight and works with both touch screens and phones so it is a big plus. I know that not only does the Bling Cellular accessories suit my personality, they are also soooo me. Casual and classy at the same time.

Protecting my investment is so important. I feel great knowing that my handheld device will last for a long time, especially when I use the Pink and Crystal Swirl Bling as opposed to my fingers.

If you are looking for some affordable bling for your handheld devices or even your cellphone, check out what Bling Cellular has to offer on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


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