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Life gets so busy that I don’t know how I keep things straight sometimes. Honestly, that’s part of the problem — I just can’t lately. With my husband’s crazy hours, my kids being sick since October (resulting in surgery for ENT issues), their schooling, my work at home tasks combined with some medical issues of my own and everyday life happening around me, times get a little hectic and I get scatterbrained and overwhelmed, to say that least.

Although I am a pen and paper kind of girl when it comes to making lists, I love having an electronic calendar at my fingertips. It makes remembering appointments and other important functions so much easier. That’s where Beautiful Calendar comes in. You can add appointments or events manually, or even sync up your Google account with the Beautiful Calendar extension you add to your Chrome browser.

Beautiful Calendar

A fun aspect of Beautiful Calendar is the fact that you can pick a decorative theme that really personalizes your account. I love the ease and functionality of this Chrome browser extension. It is sure to help many busy folks out there! If you don’t use Chrome browser, you may be missing out on this great tool to help organize your everyday life.

Beautiful Calendar Themes

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  1. Samantha B says:

    With so many errands to keep track of, I wonder if I can get the whole household to use it and keep it on track!

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