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Disclosure: This is sponsored content written by me on behalf of Mom It Forward and Barilla.  Barilla asked me to take part in their Barilla Blog Tour and to share my family’s experience during mealtime.  

What’s one of your favorite things to do with your family?  Personally, I love to do the simplest of things, such as eat a meal together.  It’s where we can all enjoy a favorite dish and each other’s company at the same time.  We can talk about what happened during our day or anything that is on our mind.  When we share the table, it gives us an opportunity to reconnect.


How do you reconnect at the dinner table?  My husband and I share a little bit about our day with each other and the kids.  Then, since our children are preschoolers, we encourage them to use their imagination for fun conversations.  We even enjoy counting or reciting the alphabet with them.  We did that just this past week during one of our favorite family meals.  We enjoyed my easy lasagna recipe using Barilla oven ready noodles, along with a salad and nice, fresh Italian bread from the bakery.  It felt so good to focus on who was around us at the family table, instead of what was happening on our cell phones.

Easy Lasagna Recipe

That’s another way we really try to share the table with no other distractions – is to put away our phones.  I will be the first to admit, I have my cell on me at almost all times because of emails and notifications for work.  Working from home is a blessing and a curse all at once, I think.  Old habits die hard, right?  I have gotten much better at avoiding the dings, bells and vibrations my phone goes crazy with at any given moment, but especially dinner.  That should be time for my family and myself.

Let’s face it, even with a plethora of similarities between any 2 or more families, we are all uniquely different.  However, with that said, we all desire the need for shared meals and a deeper connection.  Food is Love, after all.  That is a huge reason why Barilla created Share The Table – in order to help, inspire, empower and support all families to enjoy more meaningful meals.

It’s been reported that children are known to benefit by getting better grades in school, choose to implement healthier habits and would even describe themselves as respectful, happy and more confident, among other positive feelings attributed to coming together as a family to share the table with a meaningful meal.

Now that you’ve maybe got some ideas on how to reconnect at mealtime, I encourage you to share the table with your family.  Make a favorite meal, get the kids involved, leave your cell phones in another room or turn them off completely for the duration of the meal.  You might be surprised at how good it feels to be around your loved ones with no electronic distractions.  I would love to hear what you make and how it went!


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  1. Masshole Mommy says:

    We try to have family dinners a couple of times a week. It’s important to me to spend quality time with them!

  2. I love the Barilla lasagna recipe. It’s the only one I use. I’ve been using Barilla forever.
    Jennifer recently posted..Baby Necessities for the FallMy Profile

  3. We try to have family dinner every night – it’s a great time to catch up! We try to make sure that while eating no cell phones are looked at!
    Meagan recently posted..Ways for Busy Moms to Stay Fit #MC #sponsored #UrbiniMy Profile

  4. Love pasta! I believe in family sit down dinners also! It’s something I grew up doing and always done with my kids.
    Diane Holland recently posted..Labor Day Weekend FLASH Giveaway!My Profile

  5. I love making pasta on busy nights, it’s one of our favorite weeknight meals! Lasagna is much easier to make when you use no-boil noodles!
    Jenn recently posted..Let Sears Give #MoretoYou With Curbside Pickup!My Profile

  6. This is my preferred pasta brand. I buy the whole wheat spagetti, my kids love it.

  7. I love dinner time– it is a great thing to reconnect! My husband and I both have jobs outside the home so we use that time to connect and share our days with each other. When Liam arrives and our future kids, we will definitely continue that time!
    Olivia Douglass recently posted..Target: Playtex Tampons only $0.99 each after Gift Card (starts 8/31)!My Profile

  8. The dinner table is one of the few places it’s easy to get my family together anymore. There’s nothing like a delicious pasta dish to get everyone caught up and enjoying each others’ company.

  9. Brittany W says:

    My husband and I try to have dinner together every night. My family always had family dinners, and his didn’t, so it’s been a good change for him.

  10. We try to eat dinner together every chance that Johns schedule allows it to happen! Pasta is one of our favorites to have as well!
    tammileetips recently posted..CasaMagna Marriot Resort and Spa Puerto VallartaMy Profile

  11. I love family dinners! I wish we had more, but we all have completely different schedules so it isn’t often possible.
    valmg recently posted..Celebrate The End Of Summer With A Spirited Lemonade CocktailMy Profile

  12. I love Barilla pasta! I am making a bunch of dishes to be reheated once the baby comes and the idea of the oven-ready lasagna is epic!
    Chelley recently posted..A Birth BlessingMy Profile

  13. I bought a pasta machine today and can not wait to make some pasta. We just moved and I want us to start sitting around the dinner table more often,
    Ann BAcciaglia recently posted..Conversations overheard- Drunk mom talking about her DaughterMy Profile

  14. I love lasagna, especially when it’s homemade! This looks delicious!

  15. We get to have dinner together ever night. My kids would eat pasta every night. Barilla is my go to pasta!
    Janell Poulette recently posted..Wake Up Happy With Pampers + Giveaway #BabyGotMovesMy Profile

  16. My kids are huge pasta fans! I love the Barilla lasagna noodles!
    Dawn recently posted..Medifast Oatmeal Cookie RecipeMy Profile

  17. Mealtimes are supportimportant for staying connected! Especially when the kids are in school and gone nearly all day.
    Janel recently posted..Ways for Busy Moms to Stay Fit #MC #sponsored #UrbiniMy Profile

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