Back to School Shopping at Walmart #BTSLikeABoss [ad]

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Less than a month and my children will be back to school!  I think I am in disbelief myself.  As a stay at home mom turned work at home mom, they’ve been with me since we brought them home from the hospital.  All of us have never known any different.

My babies

While that can be a good thing, I think come the first day of school it will be a bittersweet awakening for all of us.  I will be so proud to see my children blossom and learn new things.  However, in the next beat of my heart, I will certainly miss them until it is time for me to pick them up each day.

Back to School

Moving forward, I knew we could not avoid one of the necessary steps when it comes to going back to school.  One thing we did this weekend was shop for backpacks, lunch boxes, tissues, pencils, crayons and MORE! I love that I can go to Walmart and it’s one stop shopping.  We even made note of what items they will want in their school lunches once it gets closer to the time to purchase those yummy foods.

Back to School 2

One thing that will benefit schools is Box Tops.  I love that all of the items we need for back to school and the house have Box Tops right on the packaging.  All I need to do is cut them out of the wrapper and save them to send into my children’s school.  Plus, you can get double Box Tops on select items at your local Walmart.

What back to school items are on your list this year?


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