Back To School Sleep Tips

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School starts very soon here and, while I will miss my children immensely, I am so happy for the routine we will have to follow.  Part of our routine is getting to bed and waking up as close to the same times, each night and morning, as we can.  Implementing this routine has always worked very well for our family, making mornings especially that much easier on everyone.

Think about your sleep schedule or your family’s routine.  What could you do to get better sleep, especially during the school year?  Check out these back to school sleep tips on behalf of Restonic Mattress and Terry Cralle, RN, MS, Certified Clinical Sleep Educator from the Better Sleep Council.

Sleep routine and consistency are key

● “A regular bedtime strengthens circadian rhythms and helps ensure adequate time for sleep. Kids will learn what to expect and bedtime will become a non-negotiable part of the day. Following a consistent routine aids in the
development of healthy sleep habits that result in quality sleep.”

To add to what I mentioned above, this is key in what works for our family.  It truly makes the difference in the positive flow of our days. 

Model Positive Behavior Yourself

● “Show your children how you prioritize and respect the need for sleep. Have some family time before bedtime without electronics – some crafts, puzzles, board games, etc.”

We try to do this as a family each night.  Sometimes we play with toys, read, just sit and talk, or sit peacefully after a long day.

Set Your Sleep Environment Up for Success

● “Ensure your child’s bedroom is dark and quiet and the noise level in the house is low. White noise machines can be helpful in drowning out household or outside noises that may disrupt a child’s sleep. Black out curtains are helpful as well.”

● “If your child does not like a totally dark room, turn on a small night light – red or orange hue is best. Some nightlights have a timer and will turn off rather than stay on through the night.”

We have small lamps in our children’s rooms.  It has brought them a greater sense of security at night, as opposed to a completely dark room.  We also have a white noise machine on a table in our upstairs hallway.  I can tell you 100% sincerely — I cannot sleep without this machine.  It is THAT good.


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  1. Do all breakfast prep the night before meaning set the table,pans on stove, everything out that you can. Have a jar of change handy, pen for last minute signings,backpacks packed & ready by the door the night before.

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