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If talking about bladder control, bladder leakage, peeing your pants or anything close to that embarrasses you, then this is not for you!  It takes a lot to embarrass me, especially now that I am a mother.  I don’t really care what people think (within reason) and I love to offer a realistic, yet humorous look to most anything.  So with that said, I am about to get real here.

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5 Reasons why I need Always Discreet products:

  1. I have allergies.
  2. I gave birth naturally to (2) children.
  3. I am overweight.
  4. I am a woman.
  5. I sneeze. And not baby sneezes either!

With allergies comes sneezing. Throw into the mix that I am admittedly an overweight woman who gave birth naturally to 2 children. It doesn’t mean I have constant bladder leakage, nor do I need to change my underwear everytime I laugh, sneeze, cough or exert any pressure or do anything that may strain that area.

However, even with that said, on the days where pollen or allergens get me, a weak part of my bladder is throttled by a laugh or sentimental moment of childbirth weakening, along with extra weight…well, let’s just say I am glad there’s products like Always Discreet at Target. I can find that extra protection and feel safe enjoying a good laugh while watching a comedy or letting out a hearty sneeze!

C’mon, who’s with me? Don’t be afraid!


If you’d like to put Always Discreet to the test, I encourage you to pick up a pack or two.  Here’s some savings to get you started!

  • In-Store Savings:
    • Text DISCREET to TARGET (827438) for instant coupons on Always Discreet. (Expires 12/31/14)
    • Now through October 25, when you buy $20 of Always Discreet products, you get a FREE carrying case ($6 value). Look for the Always Discreet display at your local Target!
  • Online Savings:
    • Enter promo code DISCREET at checkout to save $1. Visit http://clvr.li/X9q8uS for details. (Expirse 12/31/14)
    • Visit http://clvr.li/X9q8uS to request a FREE sample while supplies last!
    • Subscribe and Save! Discreet delivery to your door at a great value – 5% off + free shipping + an extra 5% when you use your red card. http://clvr.li/X9q8uS for details.


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