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It is no secret that I’ve experienced bladder leakage. You’re wrinkling up your face right now aren’t you? I normally would have in the past too. I always say there should be no shame in discussing topics such as this. It’s common and while you don’t have to turn to the person behind you in the grocery line to randomly talk about it, no one should be so embarrassed that they absolutely can’t talk about it.

Always Discreet

Whether I have a terrible cold and cough or allergies are kicking my behind, I know I am covered with Always Discreet products. Throw in the everyday aftermath of having two beautiful children and let’s be honest, I’ve always carried extra weight, and well… I might as well sign up for a subscription for these products.

Wait, what?! Can you do that? You sure can! It’s so easy too!

always subscription

Add the products to your online cart, select the subscription service which gives you a discount, and check out when you’re ready.  Easy, affordable and convenient — who doesn’t love that?!

I find that I am much more confident and can enjoy everyday activities such as laughing, playing with my kids, walking, going on rides at amusement parks and so much more! This is all thanks to Always Discreet.  Something I really appreciate is the thin and flexible design giving me discreet incontinence protection.

Always Discreet Liners

  • Absorbs 2x more than you need*
    *Based on average US consumer usage
  • Thin and flexible design gives you discreet incontinence protection

Always Discreet Pads

  • Full length Dual LeakGuards help prevent leaks
  • Up to 40% thinner than the leading brand to help keep your incontinence protection discreet

Always Discreet Underwear

  • Soft Dual LeakGuards help prevent overactive bladder leaks where they happen most – at the legs
  • Advanced Triple Layer Core helps pull, trap and lock away urine wetness and odor


We can laugh and be ridiculous together — and I have no worries!



To learn more, check out the Always Discreet products online.

Enjoy your life — ALWAYS!!


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