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It’s summertime! School’s out, alarm clocks are on vacation, ice cream scoops and grills are getting a workout!  But how will you keep your kids’ brains sharp and ready for school come fall?  With 10Monkeys Math World, you can help your children’s math skills stay awake.  Maybe it will be your child’s first year of school ever.   10Monkeys will help them learn the basics!

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There are so many options to enjoy and learn.  Definitely great for a variety of young ages.

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You can personalize it with your child’s name too.  It keeps track of all of the progress along the way.  I really love the positive encouragement whether your answer is wrong or right.

10 Monkeys Math World Awards and Encouragement


  • Exclusively designed for early learners in kindergarten and grades 1-3
  • Helps children achieve a confident level of basic math skills
  • Lots of activities and topics in four different skill levels
  • Loads of variation – different order of the activities each time
  • Easy-to-use progress tracker for evaluating and following up on a child’s progress
  • Works on desktops, laptops, interactive whiteboards, and tablets – iPad and Android are supported!
  • Academically approved content – developed together with top professionals and schools
  • Stunning graphics and a child-friendly interface!
  • The content is also available in Spanish!
  • No stress – children can practice on their own pace
  • Safe to use – no advertising, no downloads

In this day and age, technology is all around us. Tablets, iPads, smart phones are almost extra appendages never leaving our hands! Sometimes that can be bad. However, when it comes to learning, it can be excellent! Apps, websites, you name it. 10Monkeys Math World website helps young children learn math in a fun way! The encouragement, virtual prizes and growth from the site are awesome. All you need is the internet to access the fun and learning. I love that 10monkeys Math World is compatible with all computers, interactive whiteboards, and tablets – both iPad and Android are supported, which is nice. You don’t have to wait for the other version to come out!

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*Parents can buy it online. The price starts from $5.99/year per child. Teachers can request a quote online.

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