10 Easy Tips For A Stress-Free Party

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If you have the responsibility of organizing a party and you have not yet hired corporate event planners in New York City, you probably already know how stressful that can be. Especially if it is a high-profile event.

Follow these 10 easy tips, though, and your party planning will be completely stress-free.

Be organized

Get yourself organized before you even start. Create a check list so you can mark things off as you finish them. Have a shopping list so nothing misses being bought, and a list of all your guests so you know who is coming and what they will eat.

Invitations are a must

Sending even a basic invitation can make an average affair seem suddenly more elegant. Order inexpensive invitations on the Internet, or even make your own with cool supplies from a craft shop and a calligraphy pen.

A theme makes it easy

Always be sure to have a theme, whether that is Christmas in July or a Thai-themed party with coconut margaritas, elephant shaped curry puffs and exotic fingernail dancers.

Self-serve bars add relaxation

You want your guests to feel relaxed as soon as they walk through the door. Access to a self-serve bar can do just that.

Design a signature cocktail

Guests love to have something unusual at an event. So why not design a signature cocktail and let them rave about it afterward.

Easy appetizers

A lot of money and time can go into making complicated appetizers. Make yours really simply, and spend the money and the time on more important things.

Do not forget the children

If your guests are bringing kids, be sure to have a children’s table, and child-centered food and activities organized.

Uncomplicated table settings

Making fancy table settings can take hours and cost a lot of money. Stick to simple plates and silverware, and go for elegance instead of glitz.

Leave time to get ready

Do not work up to the last minute. Leave an hour or two before the event starts so you can have a relaxing bath and de-stress.

Party favors

Even adults like party favors, so be sure to have some unusual ones ready for them when they leave.

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